Success Coaching is a specific subdomain of life coaching that specializes on the coaching that grooms you for succeeding in specific high goals you have set in your life, most particularly in the building of your professional success. Nonetheless, in the success coaching services we provide, we underline the great importance of creating your professional success within a balanced-life framework. And that’s how we proceed in our coaching approach.


Solid Method

The key to your success lies in having STRONG & HEALTHY Personal Boundaries. I have developed a proven method to help you empower your Personal boundaries and based on strong Boundaries, strategize, plan and successfully realize your Goals.

Mindset of Success

My Coaching Programs are carefully designed using multidisciplinary tools and approaches customized to answer your own needs and aims.

Start Your Life Change NOW!

Expert Know-How

The certified know-how of my coaching method is empowered by strong scientific and professional experience of 20+ years.

Let's build your successful attitude, so you can achieve your valuable goals and take your career & life to the next level.



During the entire process of your coaching curriculum you are granted continuous support and feedback, in order to attain the high-end goals of your choice.


You become part of a network of like-minded individuals, you connect with them, interact and create mutual opportunities and continuous motivation  for further development and progress.

Further Access

Attending one of my coaching programs, you automatically become a member of my coaching community; you are first informed for the newest events organized by Up Life Psychology & Panagiota (Master Minds, Webinars, Workshops etc). You also benefit from special discounts and offers destined to 1-to-1 coaching clients.

Panagiota is a Success Coach, Cognitive Psychologist and Author. She was born in Athens, Greece, and after living in Paris, France, for many years, she is currently back to her native city. Her clients are from all around the globe. She has extended research and scientific experience (National Scientific Research Centre, France), advanced training to buddhist meditation techniques (shamatha, vipassana, the Four Immeasurables) and to emotional education teaching techniques. Her work focuses mainly on Emotional Intelligence Education & Empowering Personal Boundaries in order to Achieve Creative Goals and Ensure a Well Being.

She is a certified member of the Association of Greek Psychologists and the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA-EuroPsy), with the right to practice Psychological Activity in 21 countries in Europe. She is the published author of two books in the Greek language ("The Handbook of Dream-making: A Life-Coaching Fairy-Tale For Adults", 2013 & "And Gods, have they grown older?") By Archetypo Editions, Greece. She is also the author of two ebooks: The Power Of Gratitude (2019), and Goals (2019, new edition 2020).