Cognitive Relaxation is a scientifically proven process, in which the individuals with specific mental instructions given to themselves achieve the relaxation of the musculoskeletal system, the reduction of physical pain caused by anxiety, and the reduction of tension by harsh rhythms of daily activity.

Benefits of Cognitive Relaxation

It significantly contributes to the recession of bodily symptoms, such as dyspnoea, headaches, cervical soreness, as well as strengthening of the cardiovascular and immune system, etc.

Cognitive Relaxation can be applied by Everyone! It is not necessary for those who apply it to have any specialized knowledge.

Cognitive Relaxation practices have been proven to decisively contribute to both physical, and mental health. Normal low blood pressure, good functioning of the cardiovascular system, better physical condition, proper breathing, improvement of asthma cases, good functioning of the gastrointestinal system, strengthening of the immune system, relieving headaches, reducing physical pain, are some of the many benefits of this method.

Therefore, through this simple technique we can effectively deal with anxiety, permanent negative emotional stress (fear, insecurity, sadness, pessimism, negativity for the future). In this way, a safe release and management of anger is achieved, as well as a more positive attitude of life, calmness, serenity, joyful mood, which leads to finding viable and creative solutions to everyday problems.

When large groups of human population benefit from the effects of Cognitive Relaxation, this has a direct impact on the wider social structure. There are more calm and positive people who interact with each other. There is reduction of aggressive and irritable behaviors in daily contacts. There is stimulation of social solidarity and human interest.

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