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Being EmotionalEntrepreneurial Success

Give a Daily Shot of Self-Love for Better Life and Goal-Making 💗

Give a shot of self-love on a daily basis to yourself. You deserve it!...

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Entrepreneurial Success

Do You Feel Like Making A Career Transition?

Career transition becomes more and more popular nowadays, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the FIRE (Financial...

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Being CreativeEntrepreneurial Success

Why Daily Writing Makes Me More Effective (and You Too!)?

Writing makes you more insightful and strengthens your Inner voice and your communication with it. You are ready to better understand what...

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Being CreativeBeing Emotional

Why do I choose to be an optimist and not a pessimist when setting a goal?

The procedure of goal setting and goal making is very important for your personal development and the quality of your life. An essential...

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Being CreativeBeing Mindful

Choose Wisely Your Tribe To Share Your Goals With!

The English Version will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!...

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Being CreativeBeing Mindful

Your Personal Boundaries Are So Crucial To Your Success

One question I often get from the members of the community is what exactly are personal boundaries? I find this...

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Being MindfulEntrepreneurial Success

When Negative Beliefs Impede Your Success and Progress

A few days ago I a client of mine asked me a very important question about negative beliefs.  The question was this: “Though we have...

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Being Creative

What Do You Do When the Creativity-Battery Goes Empty?

It is quite easy to realize when your creative energy is at its lowest.  When this occurs, you feel certain symptoms: 1. The sensation...

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Being EmotionalReal People Stories

The “Brady Bunch” Family Icon Illusion

Why It’s important to Accept Forgiveness in Your Life In the classic TV series The Brady Bunch we were introduced to a seemingly perfect...

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Being EmotionalBeing Mindful

The Power of Self-Forgiveness

We humans quite often become judgmental towards others, their choices and their actions. And when we realize how counterproductive this is...

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