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No1 Mid-Week Serendipity – 23/06/2021

For quite some time, my wish was to create a newsletter to provide constantly valuable content of info and insights for those who so kindly decided to be part of this community. This is why I currently introduce the“Mid-Week Serendipity Newsletter”.

Everything included in this weekly mail is brought to my attention by the serendipitous influence of the present moment. How does this work?

Each week I observe that a common theme of actions, behaviors, thoughts, emotions or realizations transcends all of my meetings with the people I work with, as a coach, as a strategist but also as a colleague, a family member or a friend.

This is an important serendipitous message, which I believe bears significance for the goals and the well-being of people working on that line.

Why is this a mid-week letter sent every Wednesday? Because, this is the most fragile day of everyone’s week. It’s in the middle of the a working week, away from an inspiring weekend. My goal is to make this newsletter a beacon of inspiration, of hope and of motivation for your creative plans and your positive mindset.

It is planned to be short and conclusive, not a long and difficult reading. I would love to receive your feedback and your comments on it. Maybe you can share your own serendipitous insights with me!

Let’s make our mid-weeks extraordinary and flourishing.

With my love to you,


PS: you can now check my very new blog article about Decision-Making for your Business Success here!

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