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You are now certain that for all the correct reasons it is time for you to make a career change. Obviously, it is vital for you to make sure that it will be successful.

The best way to achieve this is by considering the process of career change as a goal per se. This includes a complete and systematic goal design. Keep in mind that this whole procedure needs a long-term implementation. If you wish to significantly increase the probabilities that this professional transition is successful, you need to do it at a slow and stable pace.

Steps for the career change process

Here are the steps to follow to best do that:  

1. Define Precisely Your Next Career

It is crucial to choose which will be your next career before even you begin the transition. The trap here is that many people feel quite uncomfortably in their existing career. So, they end up focusing on this discomfort instead of focusing on what would be their next step.

2. Assess your current skills

First thing to do before moving forward is to check whether you are ready for it. Do you have all the necessary skills to transit to the new career you want? Maybe it’s important to polish some of your skills or acquire some new ones. Taking courses, consulting with experts, accumulating necessary experience are some of the things you can consider doing before anything else.

3. Working with a success coach

Career transition is a complicated matter. Hiring a success coach is a crucial movement for you. An experienced coach is there to help you define your goal, set up your action plan and keep you accountable for your progress. They also assist you with the mindset empowerment you need to proceed to this new step, as well as emotionally supporting you during the entire process.

4. Find a mentor

You may wonder why you need a mentor along with a success coach. Let’s clarify the following, though. A mentor is someone already successful in the professional domain you want to establish yourself. They are not a coach, but a person who communicates to you much of their experience and know-how that led to their own success. This is a valuable contribution to your own success. Not many manage to find the mentor who can provide them with such a rare form of wisdom and education.

5. Set an action plan

Before ever beginning the transition, set a thorough action plan. What will be the steps that you will follow to have a successful transition from your current job to the next career move? Carefully design this plan; assign sub-goals that will facilitate your transition from the present to the next career phase. Keep in mind to supply yourself with as much time as needed to implement your plan. Only in rare occasions does a career transition take place in short notice.

6. Prepare your budget

You may need a capital to start your new career, especially if it is about setting up a new business. Or you may want to be sure that your new career is able to cover your habitual expenses. Therefore, calculate how much money you will need before making the next move. You may need to finance your venture; you may need to ensure a capital to get by until your new career provides you with a satisfying remuneration; or you may need financial reliability to receive a loan for your enterprise.  

7. Build a network

Your new venture will greatly profit from a large network. Especially, when it concerns a new business set-up. For that reason, creating a network of colleagues, co-workers, distributors and potential clients is a very helpful move. It may be the source of opportunities for you and your project.

8. Make your personal brand visible

Even more, when you create a business of your own. People don’t know about, so it’s important to inform them about it and the products or services that you offer. Solutions like designing a website, a blog, an e-shop, affiliate marketing, or have presence in social media platforms are some of the moves you can do.

In conclusion

A career change could be the next smart move for anyone who wishes to evolve and build a prosperous professional and personal life. A clear next goal, a meticulous action plan and the necessary time to bring the plan into fruition without haste are the fundamentals of this enterprise.

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