Women’s 11 Greatest Struggles About The Work-Life Balance Today


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Women have been giving enduring social battles to claim that which is rightfully theirs: equal access to work and professional activities and viable work-life balance.

Consequentially, women have been steadily increasing their participation in the economy and worthily contribute in the business building with outstanding results.

Nevertheless, a major women’s challenge is their innate call to create a spotless balance between two major poles of their modern existence, work and personal life.

The importance of work-life balance

Why is that so important? Probably, it is a result of nature and societal factors. Nonetheless, the vast majority of women seek the ideal solution in a fundamental request; how to combine a highly successful career along with a very satisfactory personal life. After all, work-life balance seems to be a necessary module for experiencing a wholesome and meaningful life.

This great question of work-life balance has grabbed even more attention lately. More and more women increasingly enter the business world and they assert to achieve in both poles of this equation.

The work-life balance challenge

Still, the ideal solution of this equation remains unsolved. In an effort to find the best solution, millions of professional women strive with several daily problems. These struggles are the story of the modern world, because they affect the entire society. This is why shedding light on them raises the awareness which could provide prosperous solutions in the future.

The 11 most popular pains of women in the work-life balance

Here are the most common struggles, which women today face and from which they actively seek ways out. Hundreds of women have reported that I have worked with have reported these popular struggles to me during our coaching sessions. For a better understanding, I classified them in the following eleven major groups.

Women’s greatest struggles in the work-life balance are:

1. Household chores

Many women still are the principal home takers, despite working as well as their partners. They try to find ways, time and best possible planning to combine the household obligations, while having a demanding career.

2. Mom-work balance and mom guilt

Working mothers deal with the big challenge to combine a successful career while making sure that they spend as much time they can with their kids. Many working mothers declare feeling guilty each time they have to put their work before their children.

3. Unrealistic expectations for professional performance

A very common theme for professional women is that they want to outperform and produce excellent results. This is either a personal need or a necessity implicitly imposed by gender-biased stereotypes in the workplace.

4. Being acknowledged for the mind and expertise (especially by their male counterparts)

This is relevant to the previous struggle. Women reportedly have been working hard to be accepted as professionals equally able, skilled and experienced as men are. Countless are the stories about women working excruciatingly hard to be appreciated into male-run industries.

5. Having a partner/spouse with no empathy, understanding or support

Returning after work at a home, where a woman deals with an unsupportive partner is a very frustrating and energy-consuming situation. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of women facing such an unsupportive behavior. It ends up being a great and disagreeable load for them. Thus, it prevents them from performing well as professionals and enjoying their lives.

6. Putting self-care in priority

In order to find time and manage everything from professional to personal life, many women decide or are forced to neglect their self-care. Especially, when aside their work they have parenting roles, as well. They choose to take care of their professional and personal duties over taking care of themselves. This can easily lead to physical, mental and psychological exhaustion and a compromised quality of life.

7. Becoming workaholic

Working constantly to provide the best results for work and goals hides the danger of getting stuck into a destructive pattern of overworking. In the end, this can become a workaholic attitude. As such, it can negatively affect quality of life and of performance.

8. Setting Boundaries

Is it ok to say no to the boss or colleagues and when is that? How many hours do people expect women to work? Is it ok to load them with more duties than they signed for? Every day, women face this question. Where are their boundaries crossed and how to protect them without hurting their career, business or personal relationships.

9. Correct Time Management and Prioritization

These are two very crucial skills for success. Nonetheless, it can easily feel quite complex to set priorities and organize the best action planner. Without them, boosting performance and productivity seems an almost impossible mission. Professional women can feel overwhelmed simply because they have so many tasks to do. How can they combine everything? And how to pick the most important one to begin with? Which is the one to leave second? These decisions can define the women’s success and good quality of life.  

10. Feeling Difficulty Asking for Help

The idea of receiving help is connected with a sense of vulnerability. This notion is something modern women fight getting rid of. For years vulnerability was linked with the idea of women being fragile and the gender in need. This is the reason why women today feel extremely uncomfortable, when they ask others’ help. Because of it they tend to carry out all of their tasks, errands, and works all alone and they end up exhausted.

11. A Great Part of The Society Still Counts on Women Staying at Home

Yes, it may sound devastating for many modern women; still there are societal biases considering that is best for women to stay at home, instead of working. Even today many women strive with these obsolete stereotypes; they are responsible for a partial behavior that many bosses, superiors, providers or clients show towards them.

In conclusion

In most societies around the world, women have historically been in charge of the vast amount of household and family duties. They have also been the main caretakers for children and elderly family members. Nonetheless, women now dynamically claim their worthy place in the global working scene and entrepreneurial world. Nevertheless, what still remains to find is the ideal solution that each woman is entitled to: a wholesome work-life balance, which will allow her to live a flourishing and happy life.

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