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Self-confidence in workplace is an indispensable attitude to have a satisfactory career, with high performance and creative ideas. It guarantees higher quality of work as well as better interaction with your colleagues and your clients.  

A myth about self-confidence claims that either you have it or not, either you are born with it or not. The truth is that self-confidence is a result of both nature and nurture. We cannot tweak nature, but we certainly can tweak nurture. For that reason, in case you feel that your self-confidence in relation to your workplace is low, there are practical and efficient ways to reinforce it.

Six Practical Ways To Build Self-Confidence At Work

Let’s see six super powerful ways to empower self-confidence in workplace.

#1 Adopt Positive Language

What we say and the way we say it reveals a lot about our mindset. For that reason, it is super-important to be conscious on how we use language, because it affects our thoughts and emotions; it also affects the way others perceive us. Adopt ways of expressions that indicate how strongly you believe on yourself. Use “This will work because” instead of “I think that this might work” or “I will try”. Minimize self-deprecating humor, self-sarcastic comments like : “what an idiot I’ve been that…”. Avoid apologizing all the time: “I am sorry that …”. Replace apologies with “thank you”. Present your ideas and offers with confidence and not uncertainty: “I feel confident that this plan that I present today could be the solution we seek for…”.

#2 Start your workday with positive mindset

. An easy way to do that is by using affirmations. There is a great wealth of affirmations written in numerous books, websites, etc…. You can get inspired by them and choose between five and twenty to write them down. Alternatively, you can create your own. Some examples of affirmations are: “I am capable; I am empowered; I am creative; My ideas matter; I am ready to show real value and thrive today….”Start your morning by repeating these affirmations aloud while looking at a mirror. Another way to do it is by writing them instead of saying them.  During the rest of your day you can use reminders of your affirmations; you can write post-it notes with affirmations and put them on your desk or on the frame of your PC or laptop. Have a screen-saver or a desktop background with an image symbolizing an empowering notion for you. Keep similar symbols all around your desk and even in your house.

#3 Smart appearance in the workplace

Unfortunately or not, appearance does play an outstanding role in building self-confidence. Many professionals admit that when they look at their best, they feel more assertive in their job-related role. The way you dress, your style, and the way you wear your hair can have great impact to your self-confidence. Moreover, it has an effect on the way others perceive you. This doesn’t mean that you should put a huge effort to dress-up every day. You can choose nice clothes and accessories, according to your personal style and personality.

Another important part of appearance is posture. The way you hold yourself, the way you walk and you sit matters. The tone of your voice and your prosody when you present your ideas matters. It is vital to be mindful of these behaviors.

#4 Set boundaries and protect self-confidence in workplace

This action presupposes a huge decision; that you will not be the boss’s, or others’, “yes” person. Naturally, this idea may breed fear of losing your job. Nevertheless, setting healthy boundaries at work are important. It’s necessary to explicitly signal that you don’t tolerate specific attitudes. Some of these are the way people address to you, or giving you more responsibilities than you have agreed for, or having to answer emails and phone-calls after your working hours. Once you set clear and strong boundaries, people see that they deal with a person with undeniable self-confidence.

#5 Set daily goals in your workplace

Building self-confidence at work is an ongoing process. An important factor for that is to achieve your goals with creativity and efficiency; to feel that you bring significant value to your company. The best way to achieve this objective is by setting daily goals; then be disciplined and do systematic work to realize the goals on your list. Another important point of these daily goals is to be able to constructively interact with your colleagues, especially if you feel shy. Set social tasks along with your pure-work goals and make sure attain to them. Examples of such tasks are having coffee and discuss with a couple of colleagues; congratulate a colleague for a great outcome they have produced; provide your assistance to a colleague that needs help. Building rapport with colleagues is a great way to boost your self-confidence.

#6 Time to relax and distress

While you boost self-confidence while working, there is also another way for consolidating it. It is by protecting yourself from overworking and burnout. A person who is exhausted cannot protect their personal interests and effectively protect their boundaries. They are prone to succumb to the authoritative attitude of others. A way to avoid that is by always providing enough time for self-care every single day.  Beware of the red flags of burnout; dedicate at least one hour daily to meditate, exercise and release tension. Make sure to have a good night sleep. People who have a good rest feel more confident and assertive. Take care of your physical and mental health. This is a form of self-respect. Self-respect is a vital building block of self-confidence.

Why is self-confidence in the workplace important?

In a nutshell, being confident makes you motivated to perform the best you can at your work. Furthermore, it gets you comfortable to take on new challenges and professionally evolve. It also ensures that you have a good quality of professional life.

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