Did You Know? There Are Some Serious Confidence Killers At Work


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In case you wonder why lately you do not perform well at work or experience serious stress and anxiety symptoms, think about this; there are some serious confidence killers at your workplace. These are factors or conditions that can seriously affect your emotional wellbeing, your creativity, your productivity and your relation with the people around you.

Self-confidence Important for Your Performance

Self-confidence is the innate feeling that you believe in your abilities, your qualities, your thought-processing and your actions. The degree of your self-confidence influences the way you behave, the attitudes you adopt and the decisions you make. Interestingly, this degree reflects upon the way you act and react with the environment. As a consequence, others are able to perceive it. It is a common knowledge that people tend to be more attracted by individuals with high degree of self-confidence. They also prefer working with them, socializing with them, being interested in them.

Confidence and Your Working Environment

You may have started your career in a specific workplace, while feeling a high degree of self-confidence. Based on that feeling, you are eager to work hard in order to succeed, feeling sure that you have all the potential to make it happen.

Signs of Lack Of Confidence In Workplace

Yet, currently you feel worried each time you are about to go to your work, or when simply think about it. It may not have been a conscious behavior. Nonetheless, you definitely begin to recognize a pattern there. The reason for this is that within your working environment there may be some hidden factors that erode your self-confidence and trigger hidden buttons of insecurity in you.    

The Top Four Confidence Killers To Be Mindful About

Below we present a list of what we believe to be the most important confidence killer factors in a workplace today.

1. Fear of Failure

This occurs when you are afraid that you will fail at completing the undertaken projects or goals. Following this fear, you tend to imagine several scenarios of what will follow a possible failure and how this will be devastating for your career and life. This idea makes you feel uncertain about what you can achieve and renders you hesitant about your abilities.

2. Perfectionism

This killer is a close relative of the former one. Perfectionism means that you create exaggerated expectations about your performance and your work’s outcome. If this attitude stays a while with you, it may have a crippling effect; you want everything to be so perfect, that actually you do not even start working; you are too afraid that your work will be far from perfect, so what’s the point to even begin working on your goal? You do not feel sure that you can provide a satisfactory outcome.

3. Bad Leadership

Unfortunately, it is not so uncommon to see micromanaging bosses and team-leaders heading working groups or entire companies. Aside micromanagement, a bad leader usually has a hard time assigning tasks and encouraging the creativity and the ideas of each partner of their team. This can be super disconcerting for your motivation and your commitment to your work and projects. In many cases, bad leadership has clearly led professionals doubting about their own skills and abilities; this is a clear blow against their self-confidence.

4. Tension with colleagues

As you know, most of the times you don’t get to choose your team-mates, unless, of course, you are the boss! In so many occasions I have worked with clients who were feeling stressed and even energy-drained by strenuous relations with their colleagues. The most challenging part is when you deal with uncooperative or judgmental colleagues. Spending many hours per day in such counterproductive conditions is definitely a great demotivating factor for creativity and a significant source of self-doubt.

The Blessing In Disguise of Confidence Killers

Being able to recognize that at least one of those factors may be affecting your work is of vital importance. It may be able to explain why your performance stagnates and indicate you that there it’s time to do something about it.

What exactly can you do about it? One solution is to address the matter that causes this irritation in your workplace and remedy it. In case you have tried it and still your working environment seems hostile, it may be time for more drastic solutions. Maybe it’s the right moment to freshen up your résumé and prospect for the next step in your career. Being a success coach for so many years, I have worked with many people who have taken this under serious consideration and profited in two ways. Firstly, they were able to professionally evolve; some even took the opportunity to start their own business and thrive. Secondly, dealing with certain confidence killers was a catalyst for them to achieve personal growth and well-being.

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