How Do You Define Your Own Version Of Success?


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What does success mean to you? In order to create the goals that will lead you to the success you desire, it is important to know exactly what the notion of success represents for you personally.

The actual meaning of Success

Success becomes substantial, only when that which was achieved helps you fulfill a meaningful for you purpose. Most particularly, it is meaningful when it offers you a better condition of living in at least one domain of your life such as emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, financial, relational, or physical.

Eleven criteria to determine your success

How do you know how to choose the criteria that help you build up your personal definition of success? There are eleven basic aspects, which you can focus on, so as to construe your own definition of success. Let’s visit them below.

1. Know why you want this goal to happen

It is important to answer to yourself the big WHY for pursuing this specific goal. What personal need or deeper desire will it fulfill once it is achieved? The more accurately you answer, the clearer the direction you need to follow so as to begin building it. Moreover, you will establish that this is a goal of your own and not the dream of someone else imposed on you.

2. Visualize what success looks like for you

Picture how your goal will look like once you achieve it. Imagery helps you conceptualize the specifics that you have to follow to start implementing your goal. It is like imagining how you want your house to look like and then figuring out how you will proceed in order to build exactly that.

3. Are you all set?

Check how able you are in the present moment to begin building your goal. Do you have all the skills, resources and experience to start working on it? Maybe you want that goal very much, but you realize that you either don’t have the capital or a specific know-how to start implementing a sound action plan. First take care of that and then proceed to your goal setting. This is a part of your personal growth. The more aware you become through personal growth, the better you understand and define what success means to you. Do you see the loop here?

4. Success provides you with you a better condition to live

Sit calmly and contemplate on how your life will become better once you achieve this goal. Which domain of your life will benefit from it? Will it guarantee you bigger income? Will it provide you with more experience, more social recognition, better quality of life? Give the most precise answer possible. In case your answer is that success won’t significantly improve your life condition, it’s time you reconsider the specific goal.

5. You are proud of it and it boosts your self-confidence

. Is this a goal that once achieved will make you feel happy and proud of your accomplishments? Is this a success that will boost your confidence and by that encourage you to go even higher in your goals?

6. It promotes your personal development

In order to achieve this goal, you have to break your limitations and move further away from the current comfort zone that you so diligently have set. This procedure pushes you to deal with well hidden fears and mindset blockages. By clearing them you achieve your own personal growth. Only when you evolve in parallel with your goal, can you actually achieve and own it.

7. It connects you more with the community and society

The goal you wish to achieve becomes even more important, when it offers back to the community. Will your success have a positive impact for the community? Or will the software you want to build is going to help people be more productive? Will your playing the music so brilliantly become a token of culture and art for them? Or will your achieving to become a medical doctor, researcher, technician, author, artist or dancer eventually benefit the society? Usually, answering a big yes in this question leads you to feel more connected with your goal, sure for its value and determined to make it happen.

8. Success builds strong boundaries

Building the foundation of your success makes you stronger. Only resilient and engaged people achieve their goals. To do that you need sound boundaries. That means you can clearly say your yes and your no, whenever you find it necessary. Your boundaries protect you from conflictual situations with other people, especially when you work for your objective. Furthermore, your boundaries are a constant source of energy for you being focused and dedicated to your success-making, away from other people distracting you.

9. Success encourages you to meet and be surrounded by creative and positive people

Forget the social norms; you do not necessarily have to socialize only your high-school or college friends. Probably, your goal-making has led you to a path, where you encounter similar-minded people. They also pursue their own creative goals and seek their own true success. Communicating with these people is a great opportunity for you to acquire new knowledge, gain more know-how and evolve.

10. It is a continuous teacher

It makes you constantly think outside the box. In order to reach success, you have to excel in what you are doing. This includes a sterling goal, a smart action plan, a brilliant strategy, good skills, consistency and systematic approach in your work and many, really many, hours of hard work to achieve. All these elements are a permanent trigger for teaching you new things and constantly making you becoming better.

11. Success is feeling good about your decisions

Real-to-you success resonates with the true core of yourself. As a result, it always leads you to make the most appropriate calls. Your decision-making resonates with your values and your purpose of life. Every decision you take based on that frame of reference makes you feel good; thus it nurtures your self-worth and your self-esteem.

No matter what the definition that you personally attribute to success, the essential part to keep in mind is that your success helps you be your own self and fully express the best version of that.

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Last modified: October 18, 2022

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