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There are fifteen necessary hacks that you should know about in order to protect yourself from burnout.  

What is burnout

Burnout is a condition caused by excessive stress and extensive overworking lasting at least for a period of six months. It is a serious condition, which unfortunately is often neglected. The problem is that once it manifests, it can seriously affect significant domains of your life, such as your mental, psychological and physiological health, as well as your professional activity and goal-setting.

Fifteen ways to protect you from burnout

Nevertheless, there are specific tips you could follow to minimize the possibility of its occurrence on you. Let’s see the most effective fifteen practices helping you to protect yourself from burnout.

1. Awareness

It’s important to know and recognize burnout red flags; understand how they appear and what impact they may cause on you.

2. Self-assessment

Check regularly your quality of life and work. Control for red-flags appearance due to you working activity. Take time for self-reflection.

3. Be reasonable

Be pragmatic with your goals. Don’t expect exaggerated results in very short amount of time. Set realistic goals, without undermining optimization of your performance.

4. Periodical evaluation

Take time to periodically assess your goals. Is your action plan successfully serving your objective? Can you do some adjustments to the plan to optimize performance while minimizing effort, time, resources and energy? Is the plan good for your goal or do you need to re-plan? Ultimately, are you still in tune with this goal, or have your interests and priorities changed?

5. Eating Habits

During goal-making periods, it is easy to adopt unhealthy eating habits, like overeating, or eating less than normal or eating junk food. Bad nutrition lowers your stamina, your cognitive function and finally your performance. Make sure that you eat healthy meals at regular times during the day.

6. Sleeping habits

There are those claiming to be the morning persons, and those claiming to be the night persons. Let’s not debate here about that. No matter which category you belong to, it is mostly probable that you need a 7 to 8 hours sleep to have a good performance. Ensure a healthy sleep routine for yourself every single day. Make all the necessary arrangements to achieve that. The lack of sound sleep routine jeopardizes your performance and your health.

7. Balance

Balance is the key! Make sure to create a balance between your goal setting and the others domains of your life. Invest part of your weekly time to your preferred leisure activities, to contact with friends and quality time with your family. Brain loves variety; this activity diversification is a great way to allow your brain activity to receive other information. Usually, this diversity becomes a great source of inspiration and new drive to put into your goal.

8. Fitness

Regular weekly exercise has been scientifically proven beneficial for both your body health and your cognitive function. Find three to four times per week to have a minimum of thirty minutes training of any aerobic exercise you like. The benefits in your health, concentration, mood and performance will impress you.

9. Meditation

What fitness exercise does to the body, meditation does to your brain function and mental health. The easiest way to incorporate meditation into your daily routine is to meditate ten minutes in the morning and ten in the evening. Most successful businesspeople and professionals are regular meditators.

10. Be observant

Regularly scan yourself for the appearance of any psychosomatic or physiological disorder. If they persist, make sure to report them to your GP, and your therapist. They may be connected with overworking and stress due to work. It is important to know about it.

11. Limits

Create distinct limits between your working hours and your personal hours. Avoid taking your work to your bed. Leave that gorgeous laptop of yours in your office or your living-room (if you work from home) and go to your bed without checking your last business emails. Tomorrow morning you will still have time and fresh mind to tackle any new development. Same goes for meal hours and family and friends activities.

12. Boundaries

Have you firmly set your personal boundaries in your working environment? Are you the “yes person” or you have drawn a clear red line about what is acceptable and what is not by your colleagues, team-mates and the organization? Clear personal boundaries constitute a strong factor of protection from burnout.

13. Self-care routine

Self-care isn’t just an idea; it can be a tangible daily routine. Therefore, it is important to establish your own daily self-care routine and never, I mean never, abandon it. It ensures that you give time to yourself every day to do most of the above steps. It helps you de-stress and actually shows to yourself your self-esteem and self-love. These are indicators of your personal strength. Examples of self-care: skin care, body massage, a walk in the nature, a swim, reading a nice book in a calm environment, going to the hair-dresser, a great meal and discussion with your best friend, etc.

14. Re-prioritize

You have already set your priorities. At a specific moment of your activity you have decided to pursue specific goals. There was a reason and a motivation for that; probably, for a better life, more income, social recognition, personal growth, you name it. After a certain period working with this set of priorities, you have evolved. Therefore, it is vital to check again your priorities in the present moment. Are they still the same, or have they changed; if yes, to which direction? Maybe it’s time to reexamine your perspective of life-career choices and reprioritize. Usually, this is a key point to protect you from a burnout attack.

15. Hire a success coach

Your success coach is there to assist you in realizing if you are aligned with your goals, to set your optimized goal plan, to reprioritize, if necessary, to successfully work for your goal without exhaust yourself. Don’t neglect the powerful assistance of your success coach. Coaching can save you from a vain research and loss of time and energy, in the pursuit of achieving your goals. This type of optimization ultimately is a defense against burnout.

These are the most important ways to protect yourself from suffering from burnout. Shield yourself towards this condition that affects millions of professional worldwide. Keep in mind there is a way to save yourself from it and that there are experts ready to help you during prevention or healing. Protecting yourself from burnout is also of capital importance for your career and the goals you have decided to achieve.

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