How To Be Aware Of Work Burnout Red Flags


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You may wonder why it is so vital to be aware of burnout red flags in your working life and how to deal with that.  When you want to produce great results in your career and achieve considerable goals, it is necessary to know which could be the possible factors that could menace your performance. Burnout is the top one performance killer and that’s why you should be mindful for warning signs.

What is work burnout?

Burnout is a condition of deep and long-term exhaustion affecting several domains of your life e.g. physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual. A usual description of experiencing burnout is that it feels as if all of your energy has been drained from your and you can’t do anything. Nevertheless, when you are on the track of building your business or career goals, it is imperative to use all of your creative energy to successfully apply your goal plan. High-end goals demand sophistication, great planning and strategy, as well as a lot of time of serious mental and physical commitment. There is a caveat here; if you are not careful on how you spend these energy resources, you risk suffering from burnout and by that jeopardizing your goals and of course your well-being.

The #8 main burnout red flags you should look about

It is vital to recognize and understand the signs indicating that you may be affected by burnout. Below are the most important of these red flags.

1. Prolonged stress

The number one burnout red flag is that you have been experiencing prolonged stress linked to your work environment for at least six consecutive months.

2. Exhaustion

You constantly feel overpowered by fatigue. No matter how much sleep and rest you have, it is not enough. You don’t feel having enough energy to pursue your goals.

3. Unfocused Thinking

It becomes super difficult to concentrate and produce a coherent and fruitful line of thoughts. Brain fog becomes a frequent phenomenon for you. On the other hand, clarity of thoughts gets sparse and making decision becomes a very challenging task.

4. Emotional overwhelming

You get easily irritated, frustrated and angry. Moreover, you constantly flirt with sudden mood fluctuations or a depressive disposition.

5. Reduced productivity

No matter how many hours you spend on your projects, the results aren’t the expected ones. It seems that your performance significantly drops and you feel unable to do something about it.

6. Loss of purpose or drive

The general idea here is “everything seems vain”. You begin to have doubts about the reasons you work, as well as about other things in your life. There’s a rising sense of self-doubt. You starting feeling that there is no purpose in whatever you do, followed by a loss of motivation for doing it.

You procrastinate more and more every day, even on tasks that you used to love doing. You seem indecisive on which task to take on first, so you end up doing much less or even nothing.

8. Feeling little or no satisfaction

This lack of pleasure happens for both professional and personal life. It is a generalized feeling of dissatisfaction and constant frustration. If burnout lasts for a long time, this feeling negatively affects your entire life.

Burnout red flags aren’t to be ignored

It is important to be ready and recognize whether some or all of these red flags are up for you. Burnout is a serious condition and should it affect you, it takes a really long time to heal from it. Worse, sometimes it may leave physical or mental impairments even after treatment. Some of the consequences of burnout are for example substance abuse, insomnia, body weight problems (overeating or anorexia), high-blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, low immune system, cognitive function problems (like memory, problem-solving, mood disorders and depression).

In conclusion

Many professionals who have suffered from burnout, have described it as being inside a black-hole and unable to escape it. This testimony is a major indicator of why it is so important to predict its appearance before affecting your goal-making and your well-being.

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Last modified: October 2, 2022

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