Steady Progress To The Top Success Or Struggling To Achieve?


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Which is the difference between the steady-progress-to-the-top success and struggling to achieve? Which is actually the best way to reach the goal that you have set?

What is struggling to achieve?

Let’s examine the, unfortunately, until now more popular approach of goal-making. According to it, in order to achieve a goal, a person usually throws herself onto the making of a goal, with passion and rather impulsively. This may keep happening until she has no more energy left to pursue the goal. In such a case, probably the person will soon have no more creative energy left to keep building the goal until the end. This could seem a spectacular way of starting a goal-making, but it is ephemeral and by that inefficient. Actually, this approach of goal making seems more like a struggle, as if the person were trying to climb a steep and harsh mountain slope to the top. The catch here, of course, is that after the first few meters the person realizes that she has no more strength to move forward, thus she quits the effort.

The better option of the steady-progress-to-the-top way to success

Having witnessed such an unsuccessful goal-setting approach you begin to wonder which would be the best method in order to actually succeed?

The answer is found in the story of countless successful people. The common thing of all these people is that they have used the steady-progress-to-the-top formula for achieving your high goals. How does this formula work? Below are the main points for implementing it.

Ten golden hacks for the steady-progress-to-the-top formula to success

1. Long-term implementation plan

This is the most important characteristic of this formula. It is designed to work in a long period of time; the most common period is four to five years. While following this timeline be ready not to expect spectacular results in the short-run. Magic doesn’t happen here. The outcome doesn’t look spectacular not until later, in the end of the long-term years’ design.

2. Well defined goal

It all starts with the description of a crystal clear goal. It’s important to know exactly which your objective is and which the direction you want to go to is as well. This is also necessary to choose a clever strategy to follow for your objective’s implementation.

3. A sophisticated action-plan

Every action step needs to be well-thought, so as to proceed with economy of effort, time and budget to optimize your performance.

4. Perseverance & Faith

The process of goal-making is long and complex. Moreover, you may encounter obstacles and need to deal with them, in order to keep moving forward. Therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate perseverance and patience during the whole process. Moreover, it is necessary to show faith on your goal. This faith is a constant reminder that no obstacle can stop you from reaching your goal and that in the end you will achieve your objective.

5. Wise actions

During each step, you get feedback whether what you do has a positive effect or not to your goal-making. It is important to carefully think before responding to each feedback. Impulsive actions and reactions rarely provide good perspectives to your actions and they may endanger the viability of your plan.

6. Team

The success of a business or professional goal depends not just on your own performance and commitment; a goal’s complexity may ask for you to find skilled people to work with you. Recruiting other professionals in your team, and working harmoniously with them multiplies the possibility of achieving your goal.

7. Clear focus on your goal

The moment you decide to work on a specific objective, it’s important to clear your way from distractions. Consider as distractions other goals or social events or busy-ness behaviors (meaning working without actual performance). The goal-making demands commitment and focus until you achieve the desired outcome.

8. Mindful of your success progress

It is super necessary to acknowledge your progress during the entire process. From the smallest win till the major accomplishments you make, be constantly aware of the progress so far achieved. This is the necessary feedback that boosts you and keeps you motivated on every single day.

9. Self-care

Building a goal can be a long and painstaking procedure. Make sure that during the whole process you do not neglect your personal care, your physical and mental health. Exhausting your self won’t help you succeed, on the contrary.

10. Balanced activities

Yes! your goal is demanding and you may sometimes work a bit more to attain your milestones. Nevertheless, whenever it is possible, see about creating a viable balance between your professional preoccupation and the other activities of your life.

The steady-progress-to-the-top method is the only way to efficiently build your goals up to the level you want. It ensures the continuous evolution of your objective, with a balanced pace. This pace allows you to grow along with your goal and also ensure a good quality of life for yourself.

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Last modified: September 27, 2022

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