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Optimization of yourself will help your goals max out. No matter how counterintuitive this sounds, still, it is a very crucial feature of your personal growth and ongoing success.

Your success is your mirror

What is important to understand here is that your success becomes the mirror of yourself. Note success for uplifepsychology’s philosophy always represents what is your own profound and wholesome notion of success. What does exactly this “mirror” mean? It means that you set some high goals. In order to reach these goals, you are requested to bring optimal results as a consequence of optimizing your performance.

The concept of self optimization

How can you achieve the success you wish for? The best way to do this is by constantly evolving and becoming the best version of you. This version will be so developed that it will be able to achieve the high goals you envision. This optimization takes place in many different levels of your life: physical, intellectual, behavioral, emotional, social, etc.

How do you achieve self optimization?

In order to optimize yourself, it’s important to proceed in a series of changes in your behavior. Firstly, be mindful of all the habits and daily routines you have adopted over the last years. Ask yourself whether these habits support the realization of your high goals or not. For example, if you have been in the habit of sleeping late and also waking up late, check whether this sleeping schedule favors your goal making or not. Or, in another example, you may notice that your organizing skills need improvement to keep up with the high demands of your goal.

In a second phase, once you have identified the behaviors demanding optimization, you may decide the ways to optimize them. For well adapted and better results, hire a success coach to effectively assist you in the behaviors optimization.

The most essential behaviors for optimization

Now, let’s see some of the most notable habits, attitudes or daily routines that call for optimization. This is not an exhaustive list, but it incorporates the majority of behaviors and attitudes affecting your life and your performance.

Body-Physiological Behaviors

Sleep Health: do you sleep enough and have a good sleep quality?

Gut Health-Eating Habits: it may appear to be unrelated. Nevertheless, food habits and bad gut health may affect your stamina and cognitive function. Good gut health and healthy meals provide you with body energy and mental clarity.

Skin Health: dermatological conditions may reveal signs of unhealthy attitudes, affecting your general health and overall behavior.

Fitness: Regular exercising benefits your body, your mind, your self-confidence and your mood.

Intellectual Skills

Organization & Planning: is it easy for you to set clear and well-defined objectives for your career and prioritize them?

Decision-Making: Are you able to make quick decisions, when necessary? Do you weigh the options and their consequences for your plans; or anticipate planning problems and prepare to deal with them?

Daily Performance: are you satisfied with the results you produce every day? Is it easy for you to concentrate and provide your best performance?

Continuous Education-Training: higher levels of goals probably demand the acquisition of new knowledge or skills. Are you in the habit of learning new skills?

Interpersonal Skills & Habits

Communicational & Social skills: are you at ease with communicating your ideas to others? In addition, are you also a good listener for their ideas as well? Do you feel at ease engaging in social encounters and events? Are you comfortable with explaining your projects and your services publicly?

Emotional Intelligence

Assessment of Emotions: do you understand and identify the emotions that you experience and understand the message they convey to you? Emotions greatly affect your critical thinking, your decision making and your interpersonal relationships.

Stress management: How do you manage the demanding workload of your project? Does this create excessive stress for you that disables or disorganize you?

Self-care: Do you take sufficient care of yourself? Or you sacrifice it by giving priority to other activities or obligations? Taking care of your self isn’t a superfluous condition. It’s a long-term investment for your career and well-being.

Strong Personal Boundaries: Do you know how to set the rules and the limits that help you have healthy relationships with the others without compromising your performance and your success?

The benefits of self optimization

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, your success mirrors the level of your self’s evolution.  Nonetheless, let’s underline -for the benefit of your well-being– that optimizing yourself works better as a wholesome, deep and holistic process. Thus, it involves many different domains of your life and activities. When you decide to optimize yourself, the benefit is double; you achieve both professional success and personal growth, a combination that guarantees a higher level of well-being.

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Last modified: September 2, 2022

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