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[Or What I’ve learned by uploading 100 Videos on my Business YouTube Channel in 2022]

It is very empowering to win your own business challenge. The moment you manage to do that, you ensure that you are able to set and achieve any of your goals.  

A Challenge Is Actually A Goal

In fact, setting a challenge is the most diverting way to set a goal and achieve it. It is a great way to understand how setting and building a goal works. First, you set the desired goal; next, you design its action plan, or blueprint. Then, you carefully focus on building it based on the action plan. This technique of envisioning your goals as challenges is useful for two reasons. First, it helps you better envision and undertake a goal. Secondly, it provides a strong vibe of enthusiasm and motivation to make your goal happen.

Now I would like to share with you one of my last business challenges that just got achieved. The challenge that I have set was to create and upload one hundred videos on my YouTube channel about my activity as a success coach. An interesting ingredient of this challenge concerns my introvert nature.

Goal-Making vs. Introversion

I am a typical introvert, who finds it difficult to be exposed in public. I am guessing that this resonates with many business and career people. So, here we have an introvert who wishes to deliver valuable messages to my community, based on my philosophy and my expert work as a success coach. It becomes obvious that overcoming the shy-ness caused by introversion is of great priority for the goal’s success. For that reason, I have set this specific challenge to myself; to create and upload one hundred YouTube videos on the first seven months of 2022. These videos aim to a) present the necessary principles, concepts and useful hacks, which are included in my success coaching programs. b) Provide these useful hacks to those eager to set and achieve their own high business and career goals. c) Finally, find out who’s going to win; my introvert nature dictating me to quit this “exposure” project, or my goal-setting determination and resilience.

And the winner of this business challenge is….

As the outcome has it, finally resilience and goal-making planning won over introvert nature. The challenge is achieved! You can now find all these one hundred videos on my channel about success coaching and watch them. Of course, I keep creating more new videos every week. Next stop for this challenge are the two hundred videos.

#11 Hacks This YouTube Challenge offered me

Working on such a project offers a whole lot of new experience and knowledge. So, let me share with you the eleven most important hacks that I have learned during this challenge, as an introvert success coach who wants to provide value for the community.

#1 The more practice, the better.

For an introvert the only way to speak out in the public is by practicing it more, and more and more. It is the ONLY way to be familiarize with being exposed to the public.

#2 The more material published, the more ideas emerge.

The basic doubt for such a challenge would be that I wouldn’t have one hundred topics to discuss for my videos. Nonetheless, that was proved  untrue. Like in any other creative activity, the more you work on your project, the more ideas for further development arise. I currently have more than twenty new ideas for new videos.

#3 I feel more daring and more at ease in front of the camera.

My flow of speech is also more normal and fluid. No more of these disturbing “uhs” that make watching a video quite difficult. This renders the explaining of my coaching ideas so much easier and more agreeable to do.

#4 I commit more and more on this business challenge.

At first, despite the planning I had made, the idea of this bet with my self could become overwhelming. I was afraid of quitting. Nonetheless, as soon as I saw my first videos uploaded, my engagement for producing them was becoming bigger and bigger. Now they are a part of my weekly creative routine and I enjoy the moments preparing them.

#5 Resilience is reinforced.

I feel determined to create and upload more videos on a weekly basis, no matter what part of the year it is. Even if it’s a holiday season or a very busy week otherwise, I always anticipate the preparing of my videos for the week.

#6 Feedback is superfood.

I receive valuable feedback from my viewers. Their comments are very insightful, and encouraging. They are also a very rich source of new inspiration and ideas. There is a lot of improvement done thanks to their feedback, which I am grateful for.

#7 More interest for my coaching programs.

Thanks to these videos more people have shown interest in contacting me personally and buying my coaching programs. The videos help people to get to know me as a person, the ideas and philosophy that I represent and how I approach success coaching as a professional. Getting to know the professional you want to work with is always something that helps you decide whether you two can work well together or not.

#8 Feeling a great sense of gratification.

Gratification derives from knowing that you have accomplished the scopes of your challenge. The experience of gratification is different from that of instant satisfaction. Gratification is the satisfaction you sense after having worked for quite some time on a specific aim and you watch it manifesting. It is the opposite of instant satisfaction that takes place, when for example you eat a desert or you buy a pair of shoes that you really like.

#9 Building Authenticity.

Creating so many videos on a systematic way helped me develop my own authentic style of talking and presenting my ideas. Being authentic on what you do is one of the major elements that your clients estimate on your work.

#10 More traffic for my website.

The videos started providing more traffic towards my personal website and blog. From there, many people were able to be informed for my programs and sign up. Also, many others signed up to my emailing list in order to receive my weekly newsletter.

#11 The realization of this business challenge helped me to my actual goal.

This was to produce and provide actual value about coaching. I believe in these messages significance for any person who is driven to set a business goal and achieve it.

Managing a goal like a challenge is very motivating and refreshing. Nonetheless, don’t forget to respect the balance between your business challenge and your well-being. Otherwise, this particular type of challenge loses its complete meaning.

As for my challenge, it keeps progressing. As I have mentioned before, there is a next stop for it. The next stop contains one hundred more videos created and uploaded by the end of January 2023! I will be keeping track of the process and the benefits it will provide for me personally and my coaching business as well.

Watch my video and find out more about my 100Videos Challenge

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