The Surprising Truth About Wishful Thinking Is That It Does Not Build Goals🎯


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The surprising truth about wishful thinking is that it does not help you build the goals you desire. On the way to your success, the first thing that occurs is that you conceive the idea for a goal. You envision it, before even you can make it happen. At this critical point, a lot of people confound the notion of willful thinking with that of wishful thinking. The main difference between the two is presented below.

What is the wishful thinking

When I wish that something happens in my life, I just imagine it occurring like a scene from a movie or like an episode. It’s an imaginary projection of a desired outcome that could occur in the future.

For example, I wish that I had this x business; I also wish it could become quite successful and prosperous.

At the same time, though, during wishing, I’m showing no intention of doing any specific actions in order to actually manifest this goal.

What is the willful thinking

On the other hand, the main feature of willful thinking is that it starts with a very precise idea of a goal. Nonetheless, it doesn’t limit itself to merely imagining it. It pokes you to proceed in very precise tangible actions, in order to achieve the wished goal. The willful thinking drives you to show all of your creative potential and use it so as to build your goal and ensure its success.  

The big confusion between wishful and willful thinking

Quite a lot of people get trapped inside the notion of wishing. They begin imagining a lot of great scenarios about upcoming goals. But then, they just don’t take a step and move from the wish-making to the real goal-planning and goal-making.

Probably, a reason for this unproductive attitude lies in basic human behaviour; wishing provides the illusion that you can create without getting out from your comfort zone. Comfort zone provides a sense of safety for most humans. It gives people the false idea that they can have a complete control of their life. That’s exactly what most humans seek, a total life control. It gives them the false sensation that they can protect their life from any undesirable development or mishap.

Nonetheless, this is not true. Thus, they easily fall into the trap of the wishful thinking. Wishing, without ever acting upon an idea is a sure way to never have to deal with possible failure. You see, failure forces you to get out of your comfort zone.

That’s why so many people are attracted by the wishful thinking behaviour.

The negative impact of wishful thinking to your goal’s success

Wishful thinking may provide you with a temporary impression that you have the control of your life. However, this doesn’t last long. Soon enough, the aftereffects of wishful thinking start weighing a great deal on your quality of life. The sensation that you have control gets reversed. When you realize that wishing something cannot make it manifest, you start feeling that you are actually losing the control of your life. This new conception fills you with bitterness and apprehension. In the reality check you will soon make, you will understand that what you imagine is not real. What actually happens is that you start feeling discouraged, debilitated, and demotivated to create any goal. Many people also have witnessed that they felt betraying their own self. It is evident that these emotions are not the most appropriate for your well-being, your mental and intellectual health. They jeopardize the good quality of life you deserve having.

How to deal with wishful thinking

You have probably experienced, at least once in your life, the disorienting and unproductive effect of sticking to wishful thinking. How can you get rid of it and its so undesirable aftermath? The solution is to start focusing on the reality. The here and now are the only possible spatiotemporal conditions that can help you build your goals. If you truly want to achieve a goal, follow the specific rules of goal-making. First, describe it with the most crystal clear way. Secondly, set a plausible and realistic action plan for its success. It should include measurable and feasible sub-goals that you can easily achieve. Then start working on this plan. For a much better result and great performance consider hiring your own success coach. This is the person that will provide you with precise techniques, strategies and tips to efficiently proceed with your goal-making.

As a conclusion

The only place where you can create a goal is in the reality plane, right here, right now. Moreover, the only way to achieve a goal is showing will and pragmatic intention to build your goal piece by piece. This procedure inevitably takes you out from your comfort zone. That’s the only place, where you can get new experiences and the opportunity to grow and succeed. Outside the comfort zone, you evolve as a personality. You also grow your business or career. Outside the comfort zone there isn’t any room for wishful thinking. There is only willing, daring, experiencing, experimenting and finally succeeding.

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Last modified: August 15, 2022

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