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Is there the mindset that will lead you to the success and can it be trained? The answer is definitely yes.

When you decide to professionally grow, be ready to encounter some difficulties or some unexpected drawbacks in your creative pathway. When these finally appear, it’s important to decide how you are going to respond to the challenge.

Two kinds of responses when facing obstacles of goal setting

Two kinds of responses vis-à-vis obstacles of goal setting:

  1. The problem-oriented one. The first one is rather a reflex than a response. Moreover, it is the most frequent type of response most people usually have. According to this, they initially feel surprised; they are taken aback by the unforeseen obstacle. Then, they tend to focus more on the apparent difficulty than on the possibility resolving it or an opportunity it may create.
  2. The solution-oriented one. The second type of response is that one, which usually the most successful business people and professionals adopt. According to this response, soon after they perceive the obstacle in front of them, they immediately assert the situation. Without any hesitation, they start searching for a solution or for a new option or opportunity. This attitude is produced by the mindset of success.

It is very important for you to understand whether you are someone that focuses on the problem and how serious a problem is, or on the other hand, you ascertain the problem or the challenge and mainly focus on its solution.

How to adopt the mindset of success

Is it possible to adopt a mindset of success or reinforce it, in case you’ve already have one?

The answer is again YES. You can start building a mindset of success by using the following simple strategies.

#1 When encountering a problem, take a deep breath and few moments to digest the existence of the problem. Then contemplate about its nature, the problems it may cause, the deadlines it evokes or all the new changes it induces in the your goal’s plan.  

#2 The second thing you can do is start spotting possible solutions to successfully deal with the problem. Try to consider at least three different options, from the most easy to the most unorthodox. The more solutions you think, the more empowered you feel.

#3 Then, consider how you can adjust your goal planning according to the new possible solutions.  How can you overcome the obstacle based on each option? What are the necessary changes you need to perform in your goal plan, so as to creatively resolve the problem?

#4 Think out of the box. It’s time to use your innovative and creative mind and find out how this apparent obstacle could actually be turned into an opportunity for your goal. For example, in the COVID-19 lockdown, the obstacle in a business would be that clients couldn’t reach your brick & mortar shop. The change in the plan would be to begin your own e-shop. Many businesses have survived the pandemic due to this new solution. Furthermore, the opportunity here is that they managed to grow even more their business and thrive.

The Perspectives Of The Mindset of Success

It’s the uncontrollable situations that generally put humans in an uncomfortable place. That’s why, while building your goals, you would like to anticipate any obstacle. You’d prefer eliminate any possible barrier, even before it appears. Nonetheless, this is not the usual development of events. Besides, experience has shown that obstacles, when creatively dealt with, they can provide an entirely new perspective of development and growth. This can happen only when you choose training your own mindset of success. Most successful business people vouch that only by adopting it did they achieve the high goals they have set. It’s really important to decide which mindset you want to adopt. Keep in mind, that the mindset of success can be trained and reinforced.

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Last modified: August 15, 2022

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