#7 Ways Mindset Blockages Sabotage Your Success


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It is very important to make sure that no mindset blockage sabotages your goal-making and success. Naturally, your success depends on your skills, on some external unforeseen conditions and circumstances, but mainly it depends on your mindset.

What is mindset

As mindset we define a set of beliefs that shape how you perceive and understand the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, act, respond and behave in any given situation.

What is a mindset blockage

It is very important to understand that sometimes our mindset is not tuned into the success wavelength. On the contrary, it is tuned on a negative mindset, which produces mindset blocks that can hamper and eventually sabotage the successful building of our goals.

It is crucial to be able to recognize this blockage. Mindset blocks work on a mainly subconscious level, so we unknowingly work based on them. When we are able to recognize them, we immediately break their subconscious action and we transfer it into the conscious. In that level we know what we do. The invisible enemy becomes visible. Now it’s possible to stop them, and eradicate them.

Most usual mindset blocks

Let’s see, which the most popular types of mindset blocks are that we may suffer from.

#1 Impostor’s Syndrome

According to this blockage, you believe that what you claim having as expertise is actually of no value. You actually believe that everybody knows as much as you do. Thus, you question your added value and experience.  The main fear here is that people eventually will discover that you know nothing of the expertise that you claim. Then, you will be exposed and probably ridiculed as imposter. This blockage can make you feel completely reluctant or even debilitated. You don’t want to move on. You don’t even want to apply for a job, or you don’t even want to make a plan for your own business or create your own product.

#2 Comparison

Usually, you compare yourself with people already successful in your industry. You start comparing their results with your own results, even if you have just started your creative process. As a result, you can feel unworthy and inadequate, and in the end quite demotivated. Of course, it’s important to get inspired by other people’s actions, strategies or success.

Nevertheless, it’s really essential to plainly be inspired by this success and not intimidated. The best way to do so it to get inspiration by elements of others’ success, suffice they are   really helpful for your goal-setting. Which is the best financial or email software that people used? Or which strategy they used to spectacularly grow their emailing list? If these hacks are meaningful for your own blueprint, simply use them, but leave out the element of comparison. Each person is completely different from the other. You have your own powers, your own strengths and skills; they have theirs. You also have a different career path, because what you do covers your own needs and no one else’s. So it’s preferable to follow your own pathway, and prevent yourself from the completely demotivating and disorganizing habit of comparison.

#3 Perfectionism

Perfectionism sometimes can be confused with impostor’s syndrome. The two are related but not identical. Being perfectionist means that you feel unable to provide a service or product, unless it is flawless. The mindset blockage it provokes, is that you will never learn anything new. You will never dare to do new things, either.

All perfectionism earns you is to deprive you from the very basic aspect of expertise and experience. You can deal with that by simply starting working with your idea right now, and little by little let it develop and see what is the feedback you are going to receive from your market and your niche. Once you get that, you will be able to improve your service or product according to your clients’ needs. This is actually a great outcome.

#4 Others’ Approval

Sometimes, even without realizing it, you are much dependent on others’ approval. By others approval, we mean others’ judgment and bad criticism on doing what you really want to do. You are mostly interested on the significant others’ of your life. These can be your family, your neighborhood, your friends, your colleagues etc., people that count in your life. Sometimes you don’t proceed to new “daring” actions, for example, quitting a very stable job to create your own business. This is because in your mind, you believe that your mom and dad won’t approve that. This is a major setback, and it actually affects a lot of people. I have seen it in many of my clients, and I have seen them torturing themselves, before finally taking the decision to work with their own ideas and achieve the goals that they dream of.

#5 Ignoring Your Superpowers

Another popular mindset blocking is not acknowledging the skills you already have developed in a high level through experience. It may seem like imposter’s syndrome. Nonetheless, the main difference is that in this particular block you completely disregard specific skills you have. Paradoxically, you may use them on a daily basis and yet not be able to spot or identify them. What can you do to change that? Start an accountability check for yourself. Ask the guidance of your success coach to thoroughly find which your superpowers are. Bringing them into the light greatly favors the building of your success.

#6 Money Mindset Traumas

Money mindset traumas usually develop in early life. What were you hearing and learning about money from your family and community? Did they believe that it’s difficult or easy to earn money? While you were a kid, was there a normal cash flow in your household? Or were there days of money shortage and others with some decent money for the family? If you have inherited a traumatic money mindset, it’s necessary to heal it. Otherwise, it will be able to negatively affect all of the decisions concerning your career and goal’s blueprint. That’s a work you can do with your success coach.

#7 Self-Sabotage Due To Past Wounds

You tend sometimes to sabotage yourself and your goal’s progress. This is due to suffering from past wounds; the reason is events that have happened in your childhood till early adulthood and they distorted your daily behavior and way of responding.

Such events could be, for example, the sudden death of a family member or a big illness; a parent losing their job, or abusing substances; parents’ bad relationship or divorce; moving to another town; an undiagnosed learning difficulty etc. These blockages can greatly affect your resilience and determination to deal with all the obstacles you face during your goal-setting. It is important to deal with them, if you wish to work your goals being totally dedicated and driven. You can ask for the help of your therapist or your success coach (the latter, if the issues are not so deep).


The moment you recognize which mindset blocks may affect your own goal setting, you are able to stop them.  You can re-tune your mindset to a success wavelength by conceptualizing new ideas and by having different behaviors. For faster and more efficient results you can ask your success coach to help you adopt a positive mindset and take out all these blocks in order to proceed with the good pace of success that you actually deserve.

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Last modified: August 15, 2022

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