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How determined are you to achieve your high goals? You see, self-determination leads the road to success. Without it, it is quite impossible to steer the ship of your goals and reach the desired outcome for them.

Firstly, it’s necessary to explain what determination is. It is one of the most important key ingredients to make your goals happen. Moreover, it is the behavior that shapes your will power into real action, until a goal you have set is finally met. It is the same behavior that makes you keep going until you overcome any obstacles. Finally, it dictates you the concept of “never give up” no matter how much energy or resources you need to manifest your goals. That’s how important it is. Without it, goal setting can become merely a “nice idea” that will never prosper.

External determination vs. self-determination

There are generally two sources of determination. One is external and the other one is internal, namely self-determination. Usually, the external determination is fueled by social or environmental conditions. These could be, for example, big rewards or recognition or the promise of partnership in case of success.

On the other hand, self-determination derives strictly from internal reasons. Examples of it are e.g. the will to survive, the desire to establish a good life, the craving to learn, the yearning to create and produce.

Self-determination has a great advantage in comparison with external determination. Self-determination cannot be influenced or altered by external cues. Once your self-determination is activated and constantly fuelled by your inner creative drive it remains undeterred, until you achieve the scopes you want.

#5 Aspects of The Value of Self-Determination

Let’s find out why self-determination is so crucial for your success

#1 Since self-determination is unaffected by external conditions, your goal-making is protected by any sudden changes and setbacks, which might happen in the environmental conditions. It’s actually the ability to make your own decisions and actions without negative influence from the environment and the others.

#2 Self-determination means that you are able to make your own choices; you stick by them, even when you have to overcome obstacles and manage your own life.

#3 Self-determination makes you feel that you have the control over your own decisions, actions and life. You tend to make choices in a certain way, without feeling the uncertainty to ask the permission or opinion of others. This doesn’t mean that you exhibit the trait of stubbornness. It means that you are able to use your own judgment and find out which is the best course of action for you and your plans.

#4 In self-determination you decide to do something or think in a certain way and walk all the way, until you see it happen. You never quit. You do not feel intimidated by others’ opinions or projection of fearful scenarios and demotivating ideas.

5# Self-determination activates your motivation and thus ensures your progress and growth. Thanks to your motivation you have a better performance, you keep energizing your persistence and patience; hence you aim towards your goal, until you reach the desired outcome.

How to Empower Your Self-Determination

In order to strengthen your own self-determination here are some useful hacks to do.

Believe that you have the control over your own life and action

Start using the internal locus of control and feel that your behaviors have an influence on your outcomes. Keep a journal of your daily decisions and how they have become actual achievements.

Build a strong positive mindset

This mindset dictates you that, when confronted with challenges, you intrinsically know that you will manifest your goal through diligence, good choices, and hard work. It also dictates that you will keep working, no matter how many obstacles you will encounter.

Crystal clear description of your goals

Before even starting your goal-making, you describe your goal and create a clear and detailed visualization of the goal as if completed. This vision is your compass, especially when you need to overcome obstacles and keep moving towards achieving your goal.


Use meditation for focusing your thoughts and meditation for visualization of the goal. Meditation is shown to reinforce self-determination and resilience, which are necessary for your success.

Read Self-empowering books

Highly self-determined people daily read books of entrepreneurial success and self-empowerment. Such books help them reorganize their thoughts, strengthen their positive mindset and polish their self-determination.

Have a mentor and a success coach

Working with them on a regular basis.I will keep saying that: coaching is the greatest R.O.I. (return on investment) for you especially, when you have decided to achieve your high professional or business goals. A success coach is always ready to remind you the internal reasons of why you want to achieve your goals. You answering this question is a great enhancement of your self-determination.

Create your own support group-community of similar minded people

People who want to create and achieve know how important their self-determination is. When interacting with such a support group, you can observe how self-determination affects their behavior, their choices and their personality. These cues are generally proved very inspirational. They are a living proof of how important self-determination is for you and your goals’ success.

Cultivate your Emotional Intelligence

Thus you will master your emotions. This is very important for both your professional and personal growth. When you know why exactly you experience negative emotions, such as anger, fear or frustration, you protect yourself from self-doubt and insecurity. Self-doubt is the most corrosive condition for self-determination. On the other hand, mastering your positive emotions strengthens your self-determination and leads you to work until you thrive.

Self-determination can be cultivated and enhanced. The more you take care of it, the more you invest in your goals’ success. Furthermore, it provides you with the necessary inner balance and firmness that will follow you all the way to your great achievements.

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