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There are reasons why sometimes the eventual success of your goals may scare you, but there are also super ways to change it. It may sound as paradoxical that you can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of your so-long desired for success. Usually, people admit that what scares them the most is the possibility of failure. Nevertheless, the result of such a paradoxical behavior is that it may slow down your further progress and your goals’ actual manifestation. Of course, you don’t want that. You need to ensure that you create all the conditions that will help you manifest your goals in the best possible way.

#4 Reasons Why Success Scares You

Now, let’s look some of the ways that the forthcoming success of your goals may overwhelm you.

  1. You believe that you do not actually deserve success. This has to do with the lack of self-worth and self-confidence you may deal with.
  2. You doubt that you have the potential to achieve your goals. An expression of this fear is imposter’s syndrome; you are afraid that people may discover that you are not the expert you claim to be. Once overcoming this fear, you will be able to efficiently put your goal-plan into action and thrive.
  3. You are afraid that your life will change following your success. What concerns you the most is how relations with people in your life may change afterwards. Are you going to be accepted by them, once you earn a better income and you increase the quality of your career and personal life?
  4. Success may push you far away from your comfort zone to new uncharted territory. It is in the human nature to feel uncomfortable once getting out from the comfort zone. It contains the illusion of being able to predict future events. Of course, this is not always the case; moreover only getting out of the comfort zone you have the ability to spot the opportunities of creation and growth. Success is found out of the comfort zone.

#5 Super Ways to Efficiently Deal with Fear of Success

Now, let’s see some of the most productive ways to overcome this fear and attain the completion of your high-end business or career goals.

  1. Begin celebrating even the daily smallest of your accomplishments. This practice will make you familiarize with the feeling of success and acknowledging every success you make.
  2. Focus your energy and attention on building your goals in the present moment, here and now. Avoid the “what if” thoughts crossing your mind. Wondering about a hypothetical future, which you don’t know whether it will eventually, happen isn’t useful for actually building your goal.
  3. Take one step at a time. Success of big goals happens progressively; we break the goal into subgoals and we proceed step-by-step to the realization of each one. The time you need to do that is a useful period to get accustomed to the changes, which success will induce in your lifestyle.
  4. Socialise with similar-minded creative business and career individuals. They will become the support group of your growth and progress. Spending time with similar-minded people allows you to deal with your self-doubt, further motivate yourself and find out new techniques and methods to implement in your goal’s blueprint.

Work with your success coach to create an operational day-by-day plan for your success. Your coach will help you adopt a mindset of success and adjust your daily behavior to it in the most natural and efficient for you way, while kicking away self-doubt and lack of self-confidence.

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Last modified: June 23, 2022

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