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To create your own success, the best way is to hatch it in your own out-of-the-ordinary framework and lifestyle. Yet, when you start doing it, you often realize that it requires a great deal of engagement and commitment. It also necessitates making significant life changes in order to move towards your goals. This realization can often be intimidating them and discouraging. Sometimes, this could become a trigger for regressing and even quitting pursuing any big goal.

Thus, if you wish to achieve your goals, one thing you need to be acquainted with is this out- of-the-box attitude. What does this actually takes? It necessitates that you evolve your way of thinking away from the ordinary. By the term “ordinary” we mean: “what others expect as a usual behavior”, “what it’s the expected from the many to do”. Thus, in order to achieve your own high-end goals, the best way is to create your own framework that suits best your needs and those of your business’ goal.

Now, let’s see five essential tips on how to productively create your own out-of-the-ordinary success.

#1 Working out of the usual nine-to-five week schedule

You can start pursuing your goals past the usual nine-to-five working concept. The current working ethos with the new technologies and especially in the post-pandemic era of covid-19 encourages that. There are already professions that never followed such a working routine. For example, if you are a pilot, out of the ordinary means that you don’t have follow a nine to five working schedule. You work other hours. If you’re an athlete, your training hours are adjusted to the nature of your sport and the scopes you aim for. If you are the owner of a start-up business, you decide your schedule to achieve the goals you set. You create the framework that ideally suits your preferences, boosts your potential to the top and serves your goals.

2# How many hours you work

Also, another way to get out of the ordinary is to choose how many hours you decide to work for your goal. There are very specific strategies and techniques to promote quality over quantity of working performance. You can pursue a way of working that will allow you to work less than eight hours per day and still guarantee a great output.

There are people doing that. I am doing that. I’m working only because I like it to work a lot and not because I have to. Furthermore, I personally adjust my working hours, according to what I want to do. Maybe I go out for a walk during the day, when it is a beautiful sunny day. Upon my return back to my (home) office, I continue working on my goals. Thus, I am able to adjust my program in a convenient way; it allows me to enjoy activities, which otherwise a usual nine-to-five program wouldn’t let me have.

So, keep in mind that with a good planning, you can choose how many hours per day you can work. As long as these are efficient working hours for you, you can consider it as another complete working day for you. Let’s not forget that there are a lot of cases of people working those nine-to-five days, but their productivity is very low, because they really don’t like this framework or what they do.

#3 Choose your out-of-the-ordinary workplace

Moreover, there is the possibility of choosing where you can work from. Depending on your professional goal, it’s possible to work from a home-office, or in a hub center, or in an actual office. You may also have a brick and mortar shop, or choose to have an e-shop. If the nature of your business permits it, you could equally take your laptop and work by the river or in a beautiful cafe or anyplace that you really like. You can also work from one place today and tomorrow you can work somewhere else. Of course, there is also the option of making even large-scale changes of the place you work from. During the last decade, there is a very strong trend of people migrating to different cities, countries and environments, because they find that they offer a better quality of life and working conditions.

#4 Choosing your out-of-the-ordinary toolbox of success

New technologies currently provide you with almost limitless options of applications and services. These technologies are destined to help you organize your work; outsource those parts of it that you can, e.g. email management, or copywriting; automating features of your work that help you free valuable time for your goal-making, such as automatic online appointment scheduling, and social media marketing. There are also applications about having online conferences, meetings, workshops. New technologies also provide you with the possibility to find online materials and provisions for your business worldwide; then you can have them sent to you place. Based on your business’ needs, you have a huge variety of options to choose your tools from. You only have to focus on what’s useful and important for your goals. Thus, you create your own “ordinary” to boost your creativity and constructively work for your high-end goal.

#5 Being authentic to yourself and your own goal

The last, yet, vital element of creating your out-of-the-ordinary success is to invest in your authenticity. The easy trap is you attempt imitating someone else, because they achieved a goal of their own. It’s not a very good idea to copy others’ blueprint of success. This is because their goal’s vision, their driving force, their skills and potential are totally different from yours. Naturally, you can get inspiration by useful elements of their own resources and tools, or you can be mainly inspired by their decision and by their commitment to succeed to their goal. You can use that as a very good inspiration point. Nonetheless, it is necessary to build your own extraordinary approach that will lead you towards your success. Thus, you will carve your own blueprint by setting your own working conditions according to your needs, potential, and resources.

The importance of out-of-the-ordinary for your success

Working out-of-the-ordinary is a choice, which I suggest to all of my clients. It is a strategy that provides them with a double benefit: a) it webs the plan that ensures their success; and b) while working for their goal, they enjoy a life of grand quality. This life is founded on their own preferences, needs, and potential. With a strong sense of self-confidence and without letting peers’ expectations and attitudes affecting you, you can soundly set your own out-of-the-ordinary success. You are able to achieve whatever you like and create your own successful story.

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Last modified: May 30, 2022

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