Why Is It Vital To Clearly Visualize Your Goal As If Already Achieved?🎯


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The best way to know what exactly your goal will give when it’s completed, it’s to visualize it. So can you clearly visualize your professional goal as if already achieved? Let’s see why this is so vital for your success. Moreover, let’s share some valuable tips on how to increase your visualization.

What is visualizing you goal?

When you say that you visualize your goal, it means that you can imagine it, as if it already exists in the now. For example, let’s suppose that your goal is to set up your own business, such as of grant writing for sustainable enterprises or a charming used books shop. Visualize that you already have this business up and running. Imagine the area were your office is, how it looks like, all the details of the furniture, the area where it is. Imagine also the working conditions;  how do you feel doing this work, how many hours do you work, at what time of the day you like to start working, etc? The more details you can visualize the better for the outcome of your goal planning.

Three reasons why visualization boosts your goal-making

1. Powerful Compass

First of all, it’s important because you can use it as a very powerful compass. This compass helps you control which is the direction that leads you towards your goal. It also informs you where you stand right now in relation to your final goal. Are you near of far from your final scope? What are the next steps you need to take in order to approach your goal?

2. Performance Feedback

Secondly, your goal’s visualization provides you with a great feedback; it informs you about whether your goal’s blueprint is needs adjustment, as long as you proceed to your goal making. In case you feel that your blueprint works well, then this is the green light for you to keep following it while you creating. In the opposite case, where your visualization indicates that your blueprint needs adjustment, you have the ability to readjust it and change the necessary building blocks of its structure.

3. Motivator factor

Thirdly, a clear visualization of your goal is a very important factor of motivation. You “see” the vision of what you wish to achieve, and this drives you to keep moving forward. It is a powerful force that encourages you to advance, despite any difficulties you may encounter, while goal building. The prospect of a completed goal is appealing and it pushes you to reach your vision with joy and optimism.

#5 Techniques to efficiently train and grow your visualization

What is widely unclear is that visualization can easily happen to some people, but it can be more difficult for some others. Nonetheless, the secret behind visualization is that you can train it and develop it so as to provide you with the best outcome. Let’s see some basic strategies that will help you improve your own goal’s visualization.

  1. Take a paper (even better a notebook) and a pen; write with as much great detail as possible the properties of your goal, as if you see it in front of you happening in reality right now.
  2. Create a manifestation board; put on it pictures that indicate or signalize the completion of your goal. Give emphasis on the positive emotions that these emotions create to you, when you look at the board. For example, if your goal is to build your own business, set pictures of spaces that inspire you; you would love to have a space like these for your own business.
  3. Practice daily meditations and guided visualisations. By continuously practicing, you will be able to better visualize your goals.
  4. Describe your goal to your success coach and/or mentor. Engage in a Q& A with them to check if you “see’ all the details of your vision clearly. Through this Q&A you will be able to find the soft spots of your visualization, reinforce them and better adjust your goal’s blueprint.
  5. Keep notes of the progress of your goal’s making. Read it often so that you can help your visualization.

The power of visualization is immense and vital for the success of your business or professional goals. It’s wise not to undervalue it, but to embed it into your whole business blueprint.

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Last modified: May 10, 2022

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