Top #1 Reason Why Success Doesn’t Come Overnight And Why That Is Good


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It’s often said that success comes, when you think in a positive way. This is actually half of the truth. Let’s see which is the top #1 reason why success doesn’t come overnight and why that is a good fact for you, your career and your life.

The myth of fast-track success

Of course it is essential to have a positive mindset to achieve what you want to. Nonetheless, it’s also important that you actively move towards your goals and work for them. Otherwise, success doesn’t come easily. It’s funny that on the internet you can encounter so many programs, webinars and workshops selling “secret know-how” on how to quickly and easily succeed.  Nevertheless, it would be wise to develop a critical eye on those miraculous programs, because this is not the way that success truly happens. Instead, you’re going to lose a lot of your money and time, and you’re going to experience a lot of frustration. If you ask accomplished business people and professionals, who have achieved their professional goals, they will never tell you that success effortlessly came to their life overnight, just because they were positively thinking. Of course, they have developed a positive mindset, but they certainly didn’t rely only on that.

Otherwise, you will end up wondering why you can’t get this fast success that the miraculous programs are selling. What do those people do to achieve such an easy and fast success, and you don’t?

The real approach to success

The truth is that, aside positive mind, to reach success you really need to consistently work and be systematic. Furthermore, you really need to show persistence despite all the fall-backs, patience during the whole procedure of goal-building and faith until your goal comes to fruition.

Of course, you may object that you have read the story of a person who had an overnight success, without investing much time or energy to their goal. Yet, it’s just one case in a million. It’s very, very rare. Moreover, it is probable that this person had already prepared and worked hard for a significant amount of time without anyone paying notice at it. Generally, it is extremely rare and almost impossible to produce a successful outcome without ever having the necessary foundation and experience to do so.

The secret mechanism behind success

Let’s see why that is quite impossible. If you are an entrepreneur, how are you going to succeed on your business? Your business provides a product or a service. How are you going to develop and evolve this product or service? You need to spend time on it. It’s important to invest hours and work on every aspect of your product or service. The trial-and-error procedure should be your friend during this whole endeavour, and find out what better works for your business plan or not. Working in a systematic way is necessary to adjust and evolve your product or service. You also need working to find out how to market it, how to collaborate with providers or partners. Moreover, you need to find a way to connect with your clients and define how your product serves your community.

Success is actually a long-term process not an overnight moment

In order to do all that, you spend time and consciously work on each detail of this product, building it little by little. So, why would it be a bad thing to work seriously and professionally towards your goal? It is actually a great condition. If you are a creative person, and wish to express your creativity in a productive way, for example by building a business, you need to invest time on it. Success is part of all the procedure, ever since you begin setting your goals. The fact that you have found out what you want to do, that is success already. Success also is the fact that you start creating a tangible, robust blueprint of building your products or services. You can also characterize as success the response of people to your product; how they benefited from it or how you should adjust the product so as to create more benefits for them. Finally, success is also that you evolve your product; this new evolved form will attract more clients for you and your business.

The valuable benefits of long-term success

All these intermediate steps are your success. Success doesn’t mean you just earn a million euros per year or per month or per two years, depending on your wishes. It means that you really create an amazing product or service that has a positive impact to the community. Then, the community gathers around it and embraces it. It also means that by working on this project, you evolve as a person and as a business owner. You obtain more skills, more self-confidence, more experience. You progress as a personality and as a professional. All this occurs because of the time and energy that you have consciously invested in the making of your business.

That’s why it’s important not to chase an overnight success. That’s also important why you should feel OK with yourself not hitting this instant success. After all, success is a natural procedure. It’s a significant part of your life. Thus, the best thing to do is to make it as exciting as possible; look at it as being agreeable and funny, even when you deal with the more challenging parts of your goal-making. Success doesn’t come just by accident, so show gratitude at every step of the way. It is the product of a conscious and long-standing effort; you decide whether you will engage to this or not. The outcome deriving from it is of your own making. Acknowledge this fact. It reveals your amazing potential and your sublime value. While you are on this successful path of creating, the best thing to do is to enjoy all this! It is what has the most of value in life.

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Last modified: May 10, 2022

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