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It’s very motivating to know that in order to reach the great success you aim for, you start simple. Let’s see how this works. You wish to start your own business, and you have an idea on what that business would be about. You also have a specific goal, and you already know where to start from. At the same time, you excel at producing one specific product or service, which will be the initial core of your business.

When You Have A Very Promising Business Idea

Let’s give an example; suppose that you are very good at fabricating women skirts. You know that you’re really, really good at that. Moreover, a lot of people have already told you that you’re very good at that, and that they would love to buy one of your skirts. Then, you start your business by creating lovely skirts. Nonetheless, you keep having lots of ideas about other things as well, which you would like to put into action since all at once.  This is a classic business trap, when, even since the beginning, the entrepreneur impatiently envisions a huge business, which will conquer the world. Yet, the best way to work for your business’s success is to start simple and be humble at the beginning.

Being Pragmatic and Simple In Your Beginning

Well, it’s not actually humble. It’s being systematic, and it’s being pragmatic. Creating a business is a complex venture. In order to ensure that it will succeed, we need to start with the simplest form of it. That means that we start providing the product or service that we know the best and we simplify the rest business functions as much as possible. Why is that? Since its start, a business contains so many different and somewhat complicated components, like the financial part, the administration, or location issues, the management, marketing and sales, all the technological tools we’re going to need, all of the necessary equipment that we would like to use or the team we would like to work with. These factors create a huge list of issues that we need to take care of. So, counting them all, wouldn’t it be wise to start your business with the one product or service, which you excel on? If you know how to create a good skirt, then initially focus on producing that skirt for your new business.

When to add another layer to your business

Once you have set up the business, it’s running smoothly and it creates fantastic and amazing skirts, which you have been successfully selling. Your company’s website works fine and you have successfully managed all the administrative and financial issues, while working together with a very good team. This is the point where you assess that the first milestone for your business plan has been reached. Now, you decide to move on to the next phase of building your company. Best way to do so is by taking one simple step at a time. This is the most appropriate way to develop your business. For example, now you decide to also produce shirts. Thus, you can incorporate the line of production of your shirts into an already functioning and profitable business. This will allow you to better focus on the requirements of producing this new line. You already have the know-how of how to manufacture one kind of clothes, skirt; you also know how to market it and sell it. So, it is easier to move to this new step and have high probabilities of its success.

The Rhythm of Development         

When you wish to develop a successful business, it is very important to move smoothly and carefully with the business plan and its implementation. There is no rash to do everything fast. Move carefully with each building block of your success’s blueprint.  Besides, it’s great to be conscious at every step of the way, where you create something you like. There is always a satisfaction, when you achieve a new goal, which you have set yourself. You feel the emotion of completeness, when your business becomes functioning, then profitable, and then bigger and greater. This counts only if you have started with a healthy foundation; in order to have this foundation, choose to start with the simplest plan. This allows you to check at every step of the way whether your blueprint works, what to change to correct something that seems not functioning. It also prevents you from significant problems that could be devastating for you, in case you realize that this plan is totally inappropriate to lead you to success.

The Best Way To Start

The pace you choose for your building your business should be one that keeps your creative drive always alive. It should also help you have the necessary time to adjust for any production and market requirements, as well as for unforeseen hurdles that may appear on your way.  So, make sure to start with one simple and stable step at a time, no matter what your business is about. From there, once you know how this whole thing works, you will move to the next step safely and soundly.

Watch the video below; I explain which is the best way to start your business and increase the probability of its success.


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Last modified: April 6, 2022

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