Why Build Your Own Blueprint of Success?


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In order to achieve your own goals you need to have a blueprint that will lead you to success. There are many recipes from already successful people (or coaches) suggesting how to reach professional or business success. You can find everywhere a lot of those different “magic” ways to reach your goals. But all these different recipes don’t necessarily fit every one. Why is it important to build your own blueprint of success? The reason is that each one of us is different, especially when you aim to set your own business.

Why a blueprint needs to be individualized ?

Each individual follows their own philosophy of life and wish to build their own business based on that. It’s not always viable to follow the same strategy of success than someone.  They have probably used their own based on their own facts and on different context. So expecting the same results couldn’t be possible. Also, it’s necessary to note that, if you wish to achieve your personal business goal, there is work to be done. There are tasks to be done, and there is a road to be travelled. So there are a lot of things to be learned and acquired through your own experience.

More often than not, our success doesn’t derive from the same path like the success of others. So you need to create your own blueprint of success. There is a way to do that and that is what I provide in my program for success coaching. So far many professionals have benefited from it, built their personalized blueprint and currently enjoy their own professional and business success!

Trial and error is a vital process for your blueprint

Each one of us should follow different recipes of success that would fit our distinct needs, visions, mindset, philosophy and skills. Of course, until the moment that you finalize your own blueprint of success and receive its positive outcome, you will deal with the enriching procedure of trial and error. Nevertheless, you will receive valuable know-how and expertise during this process that will decisively contribute into your building your own blueprint. This is so vital, because it will help you understand the fundamentals of your blueprint’s success. It will also help you embody this know-how and drive you to make your blueprint an ever better one.  Of course, until you reach this level of creating your own blueprint of success, it’s always useful to seek inspiration in the successful blueprints of others and their creative insights.

Others’ blueprints are useful up to a level

While you are doing this it is very important to show your gratitude to all these people, who with responsibility and mindfulness have shared their own blueprint of success with you. It may not totally suite your personal goals and success. Nonetheless, you can use chunks of others’ blueprint as practical building blocks. You can use these building blocks and see if they suit your goal’s design. Then you examine what results are provided by this method in favor of your goal’s blueprint. This process will help you decide which of these building blocks are useful. As a consequence, you will include them to design your own blueprint of success, adapted to your own scopes, skills and needs.

How to build your own blueprint of success

Having your own customised blueprint of success is something feasible and necessary at the same time. After all, you want to see your own goal become your own reality, and your own successful story. You don’t want to adopt the idea of somebody else.  Of course you will seek inspiration into other businesspeople’s success. It’s great to initially find inspiration in their own success. At that early stage, following few advices of their wins, which resonate with you, is creative and productive. Then just retain those elements that serve your own blueprint. Of course, another crucial criterion is that they have to be in accordance with your character and your skills.

Why work with a success coach to build your own blueprint of success?

An experienced success coach can help you create a solid and coherent customized blueprint that you will ensure you an amazing outcome and your own success. This is wonderful, because it’s your own creativity and your productivity that will lead you to build your own success, enjoy it and savor it.

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Last modified: January 31, 2022

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