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The first and most fundamental step to begin building your success is to make sure that your mindset is that of positive and creative energy. In case you realize that your current mindset pattern is negative, this is the first thing to change before further working for your goals. Why? Because, not matter how hard you are going to work, if you have a negative mindset, it will subconsciously keep sabotaging your efforts and jeopardize your successful path.

What exactly is mindset?

We produce thousands of thoughts every day. Our way of thinking determines how we perceive the world around us, and how we interact with it. It also determines how we understand and set our actions and meaningful purposes in life. Thus, the way we think affects how we approach and solve our problems. 

Adopting a positive mindset means that, in order to assess the events and proceed to decisions, our intellectual processes are based on optimism and positive emotions. On positive mindset mode the thinker tends to focus on the positive aspects an experience has. Even when there isn’t any apparent positive aspect in such an experience, the thinker will certainly produce some, and base their line of thinking on that positive view.

The positive thinker also focuses on finding the most suitable solution and without ruminating in front of a problem. Some of the most characteristic first thoughts of a positive mindset are: “let’s see what opportunity arises from that situation”, “I am able to deal with all difficulties”, “I can do this”, “Asking for help is ok”, “This life episode brings me so many positive experiences and emotions”, etc.

On the other hand, on negative mindset mode the thinker tends to mainly focus on the negative aspects of an experience. If there aren’t any negative aspects, this mindset will definitely create them. The negative-mindset thinker usually focuses on the problem and its mostly “unsurpassed” difficulties. Ruminating and complaining is the predominant attitude going along with the negative mindset. Some of the most habitual automatic thoughts of a negative mindset are: “That’s impossible”, “there is no way that…”, “I can’t deal with that”, “This is so difficult”, “I cannot do that right”, “No one can help me to…”, “this life event is so horrible and frightening for me”, etc.

The reflexive negative mindset and the conscious positive mindset

Our brain is programmed to produce thinking patterns and behavioral habits that reduce the duration of time necessary for processing information. This neuro-economy is an evolutionary by-product that has as main goal the survival of human life. For this reason it is a very valuable function. Quite often, though, this predisposition of reflexive thinking induces some undesirable outcomes. One of them is the adoption of negative mindset patterns.

The reason for this is that the negative mindset relies more to lower consciousness status and it is nurtured by unprocessed negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety, stress, incertitude. The decision-making that is affected by such emotional state and way of intellectual processing cannot ensure a high performance. Decisions based on fear were never associated with successful creative or entrepreneurial ventures. Success demands a more conscious way of thinking, like the one the positive mindset has to offer.

How to change your old negative mindset patterns

But how can you ensure that you switch from an old negative mindset to a new positive one?

The first and most important action one can do to break old mindset patterns is to start questioning the thought patterns they already have. They need to challenge all of their thought processes and assumptions and examine them without judgment or prejudice. Are their thoughts based on positive and high conscious processes? Or is their way of thinking closer to reflexive and negative patterns? An honest and simple evaluation can provide a clear answer.

Hacks to adopt positive mindset

Following, there is a series of steps a person can take in order to get rid of old negative mindset patterns.

*Question every thought they make, before accepting its content. To better do that, ask “silly” questions.

*Stay open to new ideas that seem being out of the box.

*Make simple changes in one’s life: change the location of objects of daily use in their house. This act helps the person become more conscious in their daily actions.

*Consider making more serious life changes, e.g. quit an unsatisfying job and find a more fulfilling one; change one’s residence, if possible; plan a trip to a destination they ‘ve always wanted to, but always postponing.

*Start having new habits more in alignment with positive mindset: eat healthier food and practice fitness exercise; socialize with peers having positive mindset; avoid being exposed to sources of negative thoughts, such as news and media.

*Hire a cognitive psychologist, a life coach, a success coach or find a mentor to assist you transform your negative mindset into a positive one.

*Systematically read books introducing new ideas and written by authors suggesting new perspectives of life choices.

*Reduce life’s “busy-ness”. Being “too” busy is a disease of modern times. It pushes the person to behave more on an automatic mode and less with a mindful and purposeful manner.

*Find more time to contemplate and practice mindfulness. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, this method saves time and produces more satisfactory decision-making.

*Develop practices of gratitude and self-love; these techniques help change negative thought patterns and develop new ones, based on love, openness and acceptance. These latter ones are definitely positive.

*Practice writing one’s thoughts on a daily basis: this is a powerful technique that helps a person monitor their thoughts and discover any hidden negative thought patterns.

In conclusion

Once spotting negative thoughts, one can consciously replace them with more productive and positive ones. Changing your negative mindset into a positive one can sometimes seem a challenging procedure or a long journey with many moments of frustration. Nonetheless, the outcome is undoubtedly mostly rewarding and uplifting for you, providing you with new life opportunities. During all this process of changing your mindset patterns, you may come up against judgmental attitude or rejection from the people who already know you. These people were probably connected with you via a negative mindset pattern. This is the reason of their resistance towards your new attitude. Once you steadily move forward to your changing your mindset, you will have developed the best ways to gently yet confidently deal with such incidents and focus on your wellbeing and creativity.  

Last modified: November 30, 2021

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