FOMO is never a good advisor for your Business and its Success!


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What exactly is FOMO?

I had encountered it even before I knew its name. FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out was something that was a recurrent pattern in many parts of my life. FOMO of my friends’ company, when as a teenager I wasn’t allowed to do stuff with them as often as I wanted. FOMO of important lectures at the university, whenever I was sick and absent. FOMO of sales’ offers for clothes or gadgets or for buying airtickets to go wherever I wanted to travel to. FOMO of investing in the best stocks at the best moment and FOMO of creating my businesses’ at the most appropriate moment.

FOMO here and FOMO there. It’s been a very tiresome situation. This FOMO mindset makes you develop almost a compulsive obsessive behavior: “I must do that x thing right now, or else…., or else the opportunity is gone forever and I am lost!”. Of course, that is simply an illusion. So far, all I’ve got as a gift from the FOMO mindset is negative influence on daily or important decisions about my personal and professional life.

How it ruins good decision-making

Over the years I have observed that when this FOMO feeling gets me, it’s a bad sign. None of the decisions based on its impulse has ever been beneficial or good for me. Decisions based on FOMO actually come with a price, which is extremely bad value for money. For example I remember a time when I felt compelled to buy stocks of a specific company, because “experts” have told me that this was a unique opportunity and I shouldn’t miss it out. As I found out later I bought a descent stock –thank god for that- at a very bullish moment and immediately after that its price dropped for about five years.

Or, I remember when a person proposed a professional collaboration to me, but urged me to take a fast decision about it, because there was an imminent deadline about a financial support. My guts told me not to accept, and so I did. It was later proven that the so called professional was more of a con artist.

Protect yourself from FOMO

Overall, after many years of experience, I have decided not to succumb to my FOMO callings, especially as my business is concerned. Whenever they might present themselves, I understand that this is a sign of me needing to work more with my inner self and reinforce my inner balance.

A person connected with their inner voice and feeling self-confidence and in connection with the abundance of the universe protects her career and life from FOMO. So every time that I suspect that FOMO pays me a visit, I dedicate some –even more-  working with myself. I meditate and I stay in the silence for a couple of hours. I also write an emotional log and my thoughts about that day. This whole process shows me why FOMO made its appearance and how to deal with this inner question. So, I use all the psychological, self-help, life-coaching, business-coaching, personal-growth tools I have gathered and used all these years. Once working with them, FOMO vanishes.

Successfully eliminate FOMO for your business

My basic advice to my clients is to be alert and notice whenever FOMO rings their door’s bell. Don’t take any decision in a hurry unless it’s a matter of imminent danger and survival. Even at that point, what will work for you it’s your instinct. Be sure it provides you with better decision-making than FOMO. My long time experience tells me that FOMO rarely brings goodies to your life. It mostly brings hasty decisions. Once in the calm, its suggestions seem not working for you and sadly fill you with regret, anger and anxiety.

Have you ever felt FOMO coming your way and affecting your life? What is its impact on your decisions and progress? What do you do about it?

I would love to hear about your own FOMO life experiences. If you want to share them with me, send me an email at Let me know about it and what you did to deal with it afterwards.

Last modified: June 24, 2021

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