Why Daily Writing Makes Me More Effective (and You Too!)?


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Daily writing practice is an extremely powerful technique to boost your creativity and performance in order to advance your business goals.

Of course I am not the parent of this idea. Many others have come up with it long before me, notably Julia Cameron in her fantastic book “The Artist’s Way”. Cameron provides an all-time classic exercise on how best use writing for this cause: begin your every day by writing three pages. “Three pages of what?” you may ask. Well, three pages of anything that crosses your mind at that specific moment.

It sounds weird, and you may object, that there is no time to do this on a daily basis. My answer to you is that I have applied this exercise exactly as Cameron describes it for a whole semester. I affirm that it helps you better express the ideas and lines of thinking that are stored in your mind, give them shape and make them comprehensible. It brings you faster to the course of action you need to take during your goal-setting. 

At least that’s how it affected me. After doing this exercise for the first couple of weeks, something interesting occurred. I began noticing that I had a better focus to the action steps necessary for my professional goals at the time. Thus, I completed my first book, found an editor to publish it, set-up my website, started a new course of meditation for my students, etc.. I was feeling more relaxed and more committed to move forward with all my projects. I was feeling that my actions were more carefully chosen, so as to have the maximum of results with the minimum of effort. In other words, the one hour daily spent to write these three pages was a good investment. It was saving me from many hours of unfocused and unproductive work.

Moreover, writing is a great exercise for personal growth. It doesn’t necessarily transform you into the next best-selling author. Nonetheless, it works with your subconscious and brings up to your conscious level things that may have been blocking your creativity or things that you need to become aware of. This is very helpful, in order to boost your progress and your effectiveness towards your goals and other important decisions for your life. It is a deeply transformative and powerful experience.

Lately, I don’t use this exercise exactly as it is because it’s too lengthy. I prefer investing one hour of my morning time to my fitness routine (in my current age I think it’s more important for my well-being). BUT, I have adapted a version of it to fit my current program. I write at least two pages per day on my computer; I also keep regular notes for my blog, my poetry and the other writing projects I am involved in. Even these two pages provide me with the benefits of the daily writing.

If you are the writing type, if you are an author, or an aspiring one, let me share this humble tip with you. Find your own writing routine, make it part of your life every single day. Writing needs nurturing like every other work in progress. Imagine what progress you can make by writing two pages every day. Imagine what your result will be in just three months (three months=90 days x 2 pages/day = 180 pages). That could easily offer you enough material for your new amazing book, e-book or for your cool blog.

Even if your goals are not linked with a writing career, you can still add this exercise to your daily routine. It will help you better define your action steps and adopt the best behaviors leading to success. Merely adjust this exercise to your writing preferences. If three or two pages are a discouraging number for you, stick to one page per day. It doesn’t take more than twenty minutes to write this one page. If you have a difficulty in formulating whole sentences (especially the first days you do the exercise), begin by writing bullet points. E.g.

“ >>I had a nice breakfast today.

>>I am reading a very interesting book.

>>There is a meeting I am attending today that’s quite boring.

>>I have a new great idea about growing my business and it goes like this…”


You can definitely write this one page of bullet points and watch how it may affect your progress. Unless you try it, you will never find out!

At the same time you will live a unique transformative experience as a person. Writing makes you more insightful and strengthens your Inner voice and your communication with it. You better understand what is that you really want, your ideas and your emotions. You are now more capable of describing them in the most clear and explicit way.

Keep your writing active for at least 8 weeks. Then send me an email at info@uplifepsychology.com and let me know what your impression about this activity is so far. I will be happy to receive your feedback!

Last modified: June 24, 2021

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