What Can Your Business Learn from The Greek War of Independence of 1821?


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A Paradigm of Success

In 2021 we celebrate two hundred years since the beginning of the Greek Revolution. This unique historical movement reinstated the Greek Nation’s freedom against the Ottoman Empire and established the Modern Greek State. The Greek War of Independence provides valuables lessons about success and your business can totally be inspired by it and prosper.

Initially, Greek Revolution was considered as a lost case by the authorities of many other countries. They couldn’t believe that after almost four centuries Greeks would be able to organize, make serious decisions and and unite in a strong group of fighters to enter a war that would bring them the positive outcome.

Success Against all odds

There was a reason why these others didn’t believe on the goal, which Greek revolutionaries had undertaken. The reason was that Greeks were fighting for something that was so unusual for their era. They were fighting to liberate their nation from a four-centuries-long slavery and establish a democracy of their own. At the same time, the entire Europe was still ruled by kingdoms and was repressing similar revolutionary outbursts, like the one in France. Also, these old regimes had settled extremely profitable financial deals with the Ottoman Empire. This is why at first they were extremely reluctant in supporting Greece’s battle for independence.

So, against all odds and after a plethora of bloody struggles and uncountable heroic actions by numerous Greek fighters of all ages, social classes and genders, Greece finally achieved its legitimate cause, to declare independence and begin its life as modern nation of free people.

This unique historical achievement teaches us valuable lessons. They can be profoundly inspiring even for your own entrepreneurial and professional goals.

Lessons from Greek 1821 War to Your Business

Let’s see which are these points:

Long before the Revolution, Greek scholars had precisely described which the objective was for oppressed Greeks. That is a free independent nation with specific borders, specific religion, specific political way of functioning and specific high values that would run the society. This crystal clear vision was necessary to inspire the nation.  It helped to keep them focused and determined despite all the difficulties and until their goal was achieved. In order to achieve any goal, it is vital that you are firstly able to visualize it with the greatest detail, as if it is already done.

  • Keep faith in your crustal clear vision.

The Greek revolutionaries nurtured a deep faith for their cause. This has strengthened them in dire times and at moments, when they were facing great challenges and disasters. In the end, their faith kept them together and led to independence. Faith is a valuable asset that provides you with a huge chunk of motivational energy. This energy is necessary in order to move forward and get your goal. Stick to that faith of yours (no matter which one it is) and move on.

  • Commit wholeheartedly to your goal.

Greek revolutionaries were totally committed to their cause. They focused all their attention and energy to its realization. It was the one and only objective on their mind until they finally achieved it, without any other distraction. In a similar way you can see to your goal’s success, whether it’s about your new startup or your corporate career. It may be full of challenges, trial-and-errors experiences, upheavals, innovative actions that demand your constant energy and engagement. Nevertheless, you can actually do this only for a purpose that you profoundly love and are ready to fully commit to. Otherwise, the whole situation will overwhelm you and soon will force you to quit.

The circumstances and conditions of Greek Revolution were really hard. Imagine the technology and means people used to have early on the 19th . Yet, that didn’t stop them. With every downfall, they were re-planning their war and their political strategies, until the Nation’s independence was a fact. Once the Revolution started, they never, never quit. Similarly, your goal will ask of you a huge amount of determination for a long period of time. If you stop providing it, then your outcome will not arrive. The best option for you to succeed is to never quit, but keep going forward until your goal materializes.

  • Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Greek Revolution didn’t just start on the 25 of March 1821. There were few other failed attempts before that. The Greek visionaries decoded the errors of past failures and eventually addressed them. When, finally, the Revolution started on the 25th of March, the experience from these past mistakes provided valuable insights to them that helped with the positive outcome. That is a priceless lesson for you as well. Keep your eyes open and constantly assess all the errors you make on your way towards success. What can you learn from them? How can you use this knowledge to better your approach and reach your goal? Do that and keep working on your goal.

  • Make good use of all the resources you have.

Before the Revolution, Greeks were virtually living on a status of slavery. They weren’t equal to the free citizens of the Ottoman Empire. So, after four centuries under this condition their material resources were the minimal possible. Still, this didn’t prevent them. They used all of the resources they could possible use. Furthermore, they showed a inventive and resourceful spirit. Also, they economized every possible penny and all the possible manpower and channeled them to the cause. In the end, determination and resourcefulness led to the success, against all odds. Your business demands from you all your energy, the resources and resourcefulness you can provide along with a good planning and excellent reflexes. These are solid traits that can lead to your success.

The Success

Greek Revolution of 1821 has provided great inspiration to modern nations and institutions, but also to individuals. It started by a just cause and initiated a vast enterprise of political, financial and military sort to pursue a Great goal. And it succeeded.

We can take example from this historical paradigm and apply the aforementioned points to our own professional enterprises. Undoubtedly, they will bring extraordinary results.

Last modified: June 25, 2021

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