Thinking Out of The Box IS A Success Factor


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I remember the first time, when I had attended a university course outdoors in the nature. I was a student of psychology. There was a spring-term course I really loved attending on neuropsychological assessment. It so happened that our campus was surrounded by a beautiful garden with big trees and leafy plants.

One day of April, the weather was so fine, with the sun shining and all the nature blooming that being indoors to attend a course was so difficult. Our professor could just see through us and understand our resistance, so she did something quite unusual. She told us to take our books and notepads and go outside to the garden have our course.

Well, yeah! Finally there was someone with an open mind, who knew that you don’t necessarily have to be in a sterile environment to do what truly interests and motivates you. Au contraire! You can instead think out of the box and adjust your environment. Do it in such a way that it becomes so pleasantly appropriate, and it helps you increase your productivity and your wellbeing.

So during this course everyone paid a great attention and interacted with the professor. We even asked her keep doing the courses in the garden during the entire semester, which we did. In the end it was proven that the attendance rates for this course were the highest possible. Needless to say I passed this course with an A, and so many others as well!

This fact confirmed my preexisting preference to study anywhere else but to my own office, during all my schooling years. Actually, I was very rarely using it. You could find me studying underneath it or on the bed, in the living room or in the kitchen. During Christmas, you could find me next to the Christmas tree studying or reading other books. I simply didn’t like being restrained sitting on a desk just because I had to study.

This preference has never affected my performance, since I was always an A-student. It was actually the condition that assisted me with this success. The same condition helped me write my first published book, The Manual of Dream-Making (published in Greek language), and all the others as well. This is the creative box that better works for me and my projects. Whenever it needs adjustment, I adjust it and keep creating. It’s not a rigid entity.

Different people like different types of boxes. It is very important for each person to identify which is the best condition that unleashes her productivity and helps her create her own goals.

So here is what I have been suggesting to my clients; when they have a difficulty focusing on their goal, they can let themselves think out of the box as well. It is not obligatory to follow some general rules that others follow. Not only are these rules unnecessary for their goal making, but they can prove to be quite unproductive.

Instead, I encourage them to actually create their own conditions. Thus, they can effectively optimize their performance, and be the best version of themselves in terms of productivity, of concentration and of accomplishment.

I hope you have already been building your own conditions of success out of the common box and you are able to enjoy your everyday life with the best conditions of creative work and leisure time.


Last modified: June 12, 2021

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