These Are The Daily Habits of Your Success! Part B


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Success is built on daily and continuous effort. A decisive part of this investment is the adoption of specific daily habits. These will help you increase your creative energy, your productivity, and your focus on your goals.

In Part A we have discussed the first batch of basic habits. There is nothing very complicated about them nor extra sophisticated! Still, if you pay attention to them, you will notice that your performance and productivity will significantly increase!

Now, few weeks after this article , you had the time to test them and observe how they work for you and your goals.

So, it is the best moment to present you with the second batch. I will especially mention habits more intellectual. You will better use them, if you have already practised the first ones.

Again, I remind you, that nothing is too complicated or too difficult to undertake. Otherwise, I wouldn’t call it a“daily” habit. So, smile, think of your goal and dive into these beautiful habits of success!

Let’s go!

  1. Schedule your day from the evening before (at least):

    In the evening of the previous day, the last task of your professional activity is to set your action plan for the next day. Include both the activities concerning your goal-making and your personal life. You need to keep the balance between professional and personal life.

  2. Follow the 4 tasks/ day rule:

    How many times have you felt overwhelmed by all the things that you need in order to build a goal? Maybe you felt this impatient urgency to realize everything ASAP? This is enough to make you feel without a plan and unproductive. Instead, there is a more efficient approach . While you prepare your goal’s action plan for the next day, choose four tasks to include, in the most. This short list helps you maintain a clear view of what you need to do for your goal-making. Thanks to it, you eliminate the stress or the demotivation that a bulk of duties may produce.

  3. Nurture your mind I-Meditation:

    Numerous studies have shown that even five minutes of daily meditative practice have a deep and positive impact in your attention span, your memory, the increase of your creativity, your motivation, your optimism, your problem-solving abilities, the management of your emotional state, etc. All these results are necessary for your goal setting. Many successful people declare that they meditate first thing in the morning for at least five minutes and this helps them better deal with anything they do afterwards. Of course, you can choose which hour of the day is more convenient for your personal meditation session.

  4. Nurture your mind II-reading:

    Aside the meditation session, this one is my favourite daily habit. The benefits it offers are similar to the meditation. Moreover, you manage to learn so many new things and obtain a wide knowledge. This is useful and necessary not only for your goal’s success, but for many other aspects of life. I personally have made a deal with myself; I read at least twenty pages of a book related to my business or to my goal on a daily basis. Then, if I want to read something else, like poetry, or fiction, I do it at another moment of the day.

  5. Nurture your body:

    Daily practice (mild or more intense). I am an avid trekker and very much like walking, trekking and hiking. I consciously exercise on a daily basis, since I was a university student. After every trekking session I feel so energized and inspired. I have a new boost of motivation to continue my goal setting and my work for it! It is important for you too to find a type of sport or physical exercise that you like and do it as often as you can. Frequent exercise offers you stamina, which is essential for better working for your goal. Neuroscientific studies have shown that exercises such as jogging, walking and trekking increase the performance of cognitive abilities such as memory, strategy setting, problem-solving, attention and decision making. All these are necessary ingredients for any type of goal making and for your success.

  6. Nurture your positivity:

    Talk positively, discuss with positive people, surround yourself with affirmations and use them every single day! Now, this habit is super important. Be extra careful about how you talk and which words you say. Do you use many negative expressions such as “I am not certain if I can do this” or “I don’t think that I will make it”etc? Stop using them! Begin saying positive things such as: “I know I have all the potential to realize my goal” or “I will make it happen”, “I am determined to achieve my goal and happy about the whole process”etc. Also, a critical factor for your success is to be surrounded by people who are positive, creative on their own, and who support your ventures. If instead they try to discourage you or be judgemental, do yourself a favor and avoid them. Otherwise, this is a direct hit against your motivation and your goal-making. It is time to think about who are the people whom you wish to surround you and be your supporters.

  7. Say NO to a very busy schedule:

    Don’t fill your entire calendar with meetings. Keep at least 2 -4 hours of your daily programme for you. Use this for personal contemplation, working on your personal growth and for some quality “me”time. The old model of “always being busy means you are doing well” is so outdated! You need time to cultivate your serenity and calm. This peaceful time is the place where inspiration and new creative ideas are born. These ideas are necessary for the progress of your goal. In a state of complete preoccupation with “busy stuff”, you don’t have the opportunity to nurture new ideas.

I hope you have already started making plans for incorporating these new daily habits to your own schedule. Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners have so far applied them. Now, it’s your turn to benefit from these simple guidelines that help you increase your quality of work and entrepreneurship as well as your general well-being!

Do you have your own daily habits of success? Share them with me! Send me your email at !

Last modified: June 22, 2021

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