How to use the Superpower of Baby-Steps to Succeed


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Don’t underestimate the superpower and immense value of baby steps! They are the building blocks of your goal. When you undertake a creative professional goal, first condition of success is that you truly, deeply, fondly and whole-heartedly want to build it. This is your initial and greatest motivation to move forward to you goal-making.

Only this is not enough to reach the desired outcome. You need to have a plan.

Nevertheless, plans can scare people, because they may seem too complex or too intellectual or too energy-consuming. As a result, many tend to avoid applying a plan, thus saying goodbye to their goals. This, of course, is a source of great frustration and self-accusation.

BUT, there is a way to deal with this “scary” effect. The secret lies in the use of “baby steps”.  Here are the ways to use them:

  1. You cut the big goal, which seems huge and unattainable, into small feasible sub-goals that seem easier to achieve.
  2. Then you prioritize the sub-goals; which one needs to be done first and which will be the second, the third and so on.
  3. Now, you take the first sub-goal and you divide it in baby-steps (small tasks), which are even easier and smaller to achieve and you prioritize them as well.
  4. You begin working with each of these baby steps, one by one, according to the prioritization you defined.

Why is this baby-stepping hack so vital for you?

Simply put, it offers you some advantages that protect your creative drive and your motivation to keep systematically working for your goal.

Let me mention the most important of advantages of the superpowers of baby-steps:

  1. The duration of making of each baby step lasts a few hours maximum.
  2. You can quickly see the completion of each one.
  3. Its completion easily provides you with a feeling of gratification and of confidence about your abilities and performance.
  4. The completion of each baby step also indicates you that your action plan is correct so far.
  5. Even if something goes wrong while working on a specific baby-step, there is a low risk for the success of the big goal.
  6. The previous statement (5) takes a lot of the stress of progress and of fear of failure off your shoulders.
  7. You can easily deal with the difficulties you may encounter, and quickly learn what was wrong and how to change it, without experiencing a big frustration.
  8. Each baby step allows you to discover which of your skills are already developed, which need some more work and which new ones you need to acquire.
  9. It also provides you with valuable feedback about whether your higher action plan needs readjustment to ensure a better performance and final outcome.
  10. Achieving baby-steps motivates you to keep moving towards your goal. It makes you realize all the progress you have already done.
  11. It provides you with the irrefutable proof that you are efficient and that you are a true goal maker! Knowing that you are even more encouraged and boosted to keep working for your goal.

In my career of more than 15 years as a cognitive psychologist and success coach, the greatest challenge my clients seem to face while pursuing their goals is their difficulty in setting baby steps and appreciating the super-power these small tasks hide inside them. A big part of my coaching programs focuses exactly to this issue with an aim to:

  • Define which can be the baby-steps for each goal.
  • Begin working with them.
  • Assess their outcome and appreciate their value.
  • Able to see which is their role in the big picture of the final goal.
  • Feel the gratitude and the gratification offered by their completion.

Do you take care of your baby steps? Do you value their inestimable contribution for your goals’ ultimate success?

Don’t forget, one step at a time can take you to the moon and back!


Last modified: June 23, 2021

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