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My grandma used to say “If you always put the same ingredients on the casserole, don’t expect to make a different dish.” The dish will always be the same, unless you begin changing the building blocks of it: the ingredients and the way you prepare them.
Exactly the same goes for your goal-setting. If you repeat the exact same behaviors, do not expect to reach a different outcome. So if you have behaviors that so far haven’t so far served you in manifesting your goal, may be it is time to consider changing them, even a bit and watch where that may new attitude lead you to.

Simply, know most of the successful people will tell you that you can’t reach your goals, unless you align your behavior and mindset towards a goal-making direction.
Success begins from the little things you do on a daily basis. You change your behavior and you adopt habits that are more appropriate to build your goals. This is the basis on which you will establish your goal making and pursue your success.

So here I would like to share with you some of the tweaks you can do to your daily behavior and observe what effect that will have to your results.

Sleep: make sure to have a good sleeping ritual every single night. You need seven to eight hours of sleep to allow your body having a sufficient rest, your metabolism working correctly and your mind being refreshed and ready for the new day’s intellectual function. A good sleep is proven to boost your creativity, the flexibility of your thinking out-of-the-box, and your problem solving intellectual ability. These are so necessary for you goal making.

Breakfast: a car without energy cannot leave the house and go afar. This is why a robust breakfast is necessary. Pay attention to include only healthy foods, so that your breakfast actually gives you energy and doesn’t take it away from you! Consult a certified nutritionist that will create a customized daily menu based on your specific needs and characteristics.

“Tech Silence” for 30 minutes: with all this technology around us we forget that our mind needs to be treated with a certain attention in order to perform at its best. So when you wake up every morning, wait half an hour before you check your cell phone, your Facebook, your Instagram, your email or any other electronic account you have. Avoid watching TV or turn on your computer during these 30 minutes. Thus you allow your brain to wake up normally. You can also use five to ten minutes of this time to practice a simple meditation technique. Then observe how more focused and organized your thinking is for the rest of the day.

Practice Gratitude: This is a great and powerful tool for your success and well-being. I keep saying that again and again! Feel grateful for every single experience of the day, such as the fact that you are alive and healthy, that you enjoy a nice cup of coffee; that you showered in the morning under warm running water; that you are wearing clothes that you like, that you are doing something that you love and so on. For a more specific presentation of how and where gratitude is beneficial for your and how to practice your gratitude and profit the most from it, download and check my FREE E-book “The Power of Gratitude” !

Be Present in the Now: The present moment is the only moment, when we can actually act and make decisions that change our life, make it better and lead to the realization of our goals. If our attention is dispersed on the past, or the future and the hypothetical “what if this or that were real”, then our attention is not directed towards the only temporal window, the present moment, that can truly make the difference. Focusing on the NOW can be taught and trained. A great book to introduce you to this training is “The Power of NOW” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s a life-changing must read!

Think of the Solution, not the Problem: The people who feel stuck and cannot find ways to deal with a situation are usually focusing on the problem. How this situation ended to be like that, how horrible that is, how this negatively affects their life, how uncomfortable it is and it causes uneasiness to their daily routine, how this situation is so different from what they have expected. These people only see the problem and they tend to maximize its volume by continuously focusing on it. Such an attitude cannot help you AT ALL move forward and build a robust success plan. On the other hand, people who focus on the solution, they tend to achieve their plans. Their mentality focuses on “how can I solve this situation, or how this situation will be beneficial for my goal-setting, despite all the obstacles”. Their credo is that “since there is a problem, there is always at least one solution for it”. So, I am inviting you to start dealing with the challenges which you encounter on your way to your success by focusing on their solution and not on the problem. Begin with the smallest daily issues and then move to the more complex matters. You will soon observe how more empowered you will feel by this attitude.

Have your own a coach: Out of my personal experience, I am vouching that hiring a life/business/career coach is a great value for money. I am a success coach myself for businesses and careers, because I profoundly believe in the results coaching offers. A coach is there for you to help you discover, apply and maintain the full potential you have in order to succeed what is that you want to succeed. A coach is not judgemental to you, as many people from your surroundings may be. Also a coach has a lot of diverse experience and can provide you with great feedback for better clarifying your goal and developing your action plan so as to be tangible and feasible. I have been hiring coaches for the last eight years. It provided me with so much know-how and determination to reach my goals. Thanks to my coaches, I have been focused and determined to gradually achieve higher and higher goals. I intend to maintain this coaching gift to myself as long as I set goals! I also enjoy watching my own clients enjoying their success, for every goal they set and we work together to manifest it.

Make part of a same-minded motivated tribe: You want to succeed such kind of goals that the people around you, even if they love you very much, don’t seem to understand or share with you. Sometimes, even if it is well-intended, in their effort to give you a good piece of advice, they may say something discouraging that doesn’t help you to plan your goals. You need to create your own tribe of people who aspire to achieve their own professional goals and share the same views on creativity, getting out from the comfort zone and goal-setting action planning ideas. You can find them within specific groups on social media, or in entrepreneurial and coaching events, in conferences on the topic that interests you, or in the masterminds and webinar courses that your own coach organizes and so on. These people are out there and share the same fears, same desires and same engagement you have to see your own goals become reality. Your interaction with them is a great source of encouragement, inspiration, positive feedback and, why not, potential collaboration with them! Reach out and communicate with them! Be sure they will be more than happy to discuss with you and be part of your tribe!

Maybe you have already adopted most of the above habits. Maybe you have just learned of them for the first time right now. And maybe this list seems quite overwhelming to you. Don’t be scared! If you are truly committed to your goal, you can begin changing your less successful habits to the more adjusted ones little by little.

Choose the first one that you find easier to change and apply this change immediately, without any excuses for procrastination. Once you feel that the new habit has been established and that you incorporated it in your daily routine, choose the second habit that you can easily adopt and do the same thing with it. Soon you will find yourself having done a wonderful transformation in your daily habits.

What is most fascinating is that you will also observe that while you were working on this transformation, you have already done significant progress towards the realization of your goals and, why not, you enjoy your first achievements!
The list of the habits of success doesn’t end here. I’ll soon be back with you to discuss some more daily habits of success that you can adopt and enhance your goal making abilities!


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