Why do I choose to be an optimist and not a pessimist when setting a goal?


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The procedure of goal setting and goal making is very important for your personal development and the quality of your life. An essential component for a successful goal setting is optimism. Yes! you’ve read it correctly!

But, wait! Before I explain why, I want to clarify what I mean by the term “optimism”.

Optimism, based on my experience, is the way you perceive the outcome of each fact of the reality and you assess it. Then you choose to focus on the opportunities that the new situation have to offer to you and not to the problems it can cause. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that under no condition I don’t define optimism as a form of naïveté or as an unrealistic appreciation of the reality, as it is often presented.

Also, another “fun fact”is that optimism and its opposite pessimism are moods and attitudes and not spontaneous emotions. You can be born with one or the other, but you can also decide to consciously nurture the one that you decide to.

Therefore I would like to present you the basic reasons why I prefer to nurture an optimistic attitude than a pessimistic one.

Here we go:

  1. Pessimism destroys your mood. It makes you feel constantly sad, disappointed, frustrated, or angry. The continuous experience of such negative feelings is proved to block higher cognitive functions such as decision making, problem solving, attention, memory, words recollection, visual perception, etc. That means that your intellect cannot properly work and by that you are prone to make many errors of judgement which can be fatal for your goal making.
  2. Optimism provides you with a solution-oriented mindset. Instead of focusing on the “we have a problem” line of thought, you focus more on the “let’s find the best possible solution for the problem” line of thought. Statistically, this latter option provides you with significantly more probabilities to successfully act upon the problem and solve it.
  3. Optimism helps you build a resilient and decisive character. You don’t easily quit. You are not intimidated by mishaps and you are not discouraged by failure. Instead, you keep trying until you succeed your goal.
  4. Optimism encourages you enjoy your life in the present moment. By that you unleash you own Power of Now (read Eckhart Tolle’s homonymous book for a mastered explanations of this). You live your life with your full potential of skills, emotions, conscious choices and decisions, savoring every single moment of your life. Only by living in the NOW you take actual and powerful action steps to build your achievements, while at the same time you enjoy your precious lifetime and create wonderful life experiences for you and the significant others of your life.
  5. Optimism ensures that you have a good quality of life. As previously mentioned, by living with an optimistic mindset, you become more aware of all the positive aspects that your life contains right now and you appreciate them. This automatically makes you experience strong and solid positive emotions such as happiness, fulfilment, gratitude, euphoria, satisfaction and serenity. These emotions are known for empowering your immune system, building your self-confidence and your self-respect, solidifying your determination to move away from your comfort zone and risk in order to succeed your goals, creating good interactions with other people (optimistic as you).

The proper form of optimism is a precious and powerful tool for your successful goal making and the life you lead. It’s important to remember that you can nurture it with specific ways and profit from its amazing effects on your attitude. If you have questions on how to learn these ways, send me an email here: panagiota@uplifepsychology.com. I will be happy to discuss with you!


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Last modified: October 30, 2020

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