Holidays Are Good for Your Creativity and Success!


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There are many people who crave going on holidays (and by that word I mean even a long weekend), but at the same time they feel guilty to leave behind their work.

Does this happen to you too? Do you ever feel reluctant to take a break and enjoy a few –or more- days of relaxation and of change of scenery?

If you do feel guilty, here are some serious reasons to reconsider your view point and reevaluate the valor of holidays for your life and success, because holidays really ARE  beneficial for you and your success.

  1. During holidays you empty your mind from any daily routine that hampers your productivity. This permits you to have new ideas that can be transformed into novel approaches for your goal-making or even new, tangible solutions for obstacles you may face during that procedure.
  2. When you go somewhere for holidays, the change of scenery leads to a change of ideas. You can really get inspired by the nature or by a beautiful new city and its culture. Many people use travelling and holidays as a way to be inspired and reconnected with their goal visualization.
  3. You take a distance from all the stressful conditions that you deal with your everyday life, whether it’s traffic, commuting, the boss ‘austerity, the errands you need to run, your work, the delicate relationships you have, you name it. This distance allows you to develop a new perspective for all the life and career steps that are the best for you to follow.
  4. The holidays help you relax and reach equanimity. A calming stay mends your psychology and prepares you for a new creative and productive era.
  5. Your mind is also refreshed and regenerated. Without even realizing it, you feel energized, with a clean and clear thought process mechanism. You are able to develop new inspiration and new drive to follow your vision.
  6. While you are on holidays, you experience a flow of positive emotions. This is a valuable process that allows you to decompress and heal from all the strenuous situations you have encountered during your daily routine before holidays. This emotional rest is able to fill you with new energy to pursue your goals and be driven enough to efficiently work for them once you are back from holidays.

Nature, distance, new scenery, peace and quiet, fresh air, beautiful sight-seeing are all powerful conditions and reasons to help you completely feel replenished and full of creative energy. This energy empowers you to make new decisions and new tangible steps towards your goals.

No wonder that those who really understand the great value of holidays make sure to take regular holidays all around the year and to combine these dates with important decision making!

So are you still having guilty-thoughts about your holidays, or are you currently thinking for your next destination? I truly hope it’s the latter and it’s soon!


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Last modified: April 13, 2021

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