How Many Goals to Set Daily For Maximum Performance?


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I decided to have a walk right now during the sunset. I was thinking today that major error we do when we set goals that we try to put a lot of eggs into the same basket all at once. Actually, I forgot that idea, this advice myself for a few days, and I actually did that. I used to put a lot of goals inside the same basket and what I was feeling every evening when I was stopping working was. It was that I was feeling overwhelmed and I was feeling I didn’t achieve a lot of things.

But when I was putting down my list, I was seeing that it was doing many, many things. Still, I had a very long list of things to do, and that was making me feel that I wasn’t productive enough, and I was feeling a lack of completeness and a fulfillment.

So, I changed that. Right now, I don’t put more than four eggs in my basket, so four small goals or four goals to work to every day maximum, and I don’t mean huge goals, but the sub-goals you need to create in order to achieve a goal.

Actually, right now, I’ve applied again this golden rule, and it’s the third day. I’m respecting again the rule, and it actually pays off. I really realized that I managed to do my set goals. At the same time, I feel achievement and fulfilled, and I feel more organized and more efficient. Remember, the golden rule. Don’t put too many eggs into your basket every day, maximum four small goals. These are the small goals, not pick up the dry cleaners or remember to go to the supermarket, but goals you actually need to accomplish for your own projects and your own goals of the golden rule of 80/20.

Learn about the golden rule of the 80/20, and you’re going to understand what I’m talking about. Have a nice evening, and enjoy your creativity!

Last modified: May 5, 2020

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