The Addictive Action of Stress That Hurts You


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A common complaint of modern life is dealing with everyday stress and anxiety.

Stress very easily conquers us, but we cannot easily detect its effect on us. This is because stress, like other human behaviors, is addictive. This means that when we are in stress, we are in a state of defense and alertness: sustained and intense contraction of our muscular system, prolonged adrenaline secretion, increased biorhythms (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) which, when elevated for long periods of time, deteriorate our health. This condition forces us to move at a fast pace, with intense movements that burden our bodies. If such stressful behaviors last for more than an hour, they have a profound effect on our body. Imagine, then, how great this effect becomes when these behaviors last for hours, days or even months.

Many of us complain of excessive fatigue due to family difficulties, as well as financial, professional and social issues in our life that create stress.

Stress causes us to be over-excited and wish to move and stay active all the time.

In such cases, we need to carefully set our priorities and choose to accomplish less.. We need to make “discounts” on the perfectionism that is born from our stress. Such behavior creates a vicious circle in our daily activity. The more active we are, the more anxious we get and the more we are forced to become over-excited. And so on.

Even when we decide to stop the stressful activity that led us here, we still feel uncomfortable and irritated because stress over-stimulation results in inhibition of our cognitive choice to rest and quiet down, so we often return to over-activity.

Thus, we need to moderate our actions, give ourselves frequent opportunities to rest and to alternate our obligations with other activities that please us.

Stress-induced perfectionism is an addictive behavior and we need to recognize it before it irreparably hurts us. Just like any ailment that hurts us, it is advisable to treat and limit stress in order to ensure a good quality of life.


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Last modified: September 1, 2019

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