Your Personal Boundaries Are So Crucial To Your Success


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One question I often get from the members of the community is what exactly are personal boundaries?

I find this question extremely important to the quality of life.

Personal boundaries can be defined as the mental, psychological, spiritual and physical space in which a person can feel complete, in harmony with her inner self, so that she can be creative and happy. It is also crucial, in order to ensure good communication with her fellow human beings and build creative partnerships and social relationships with them.

These boundaries are the ideal space in which we can feel capable of creating the goals we desire.

They are also a place where all the elements of our personality and our status are respected, even those that we consider to be negative and consciously decide to change or not on our own accord.

They comprise behaviors and conditions of life in which we feel whole and in harmony with the meaning of life that we wish to give ourselves.


As you may have observed, personal boundaries are complex and can be explained in many different ways. However, it is important to note that when our personal boundaries are correctly set, they are respected both by us and other people.

When we respect our boundaries, we are able to clearly comprehend the desires of our Inner Voice, which tells us the direction in which we wish to move in our lives. This Inner Voice is very important in maintaining our inner peace and tranquility and in loving, accepting, and fully respecting ourselves.

Understandably, the person who respects her own personal boundaries has a strong self-esteem.

A common misconception is that anyone who respects her personal boundaries also behaves selfishly. On the contrary! The person who respects her own boundaries also understands their importance and, therefore, understands the importance of other people’s personal boundaries. She instantly respects and protects them!

Many people reasonably wonder how they can recognize when their personal boundaries are being violated. A powerful indication of this is usually when we feel an internal discomfort; when a person’s behavior, condition or action – even our own – bothers and impedes our creativity and experience of positive emotions. At that moment we need to calmly think about what has happened to our personal boundaries. However, this is a topic that we will analyze in more detail in a future article.

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Last modified: April 13, 2021

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