The Illusion Of Non-Progress


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Or How You Deprive Yourself of Your Rightful Merits!

One of the biggest obstacles a person will face when working towards a goal is not a lack of progress. On the contrary! It is not appreciating the steps they have already taken!

This is because these steps occur at a slow pace every day, while at the same time we are called to be involved in many other activities. So our attention is split among many different tasks and we end up not realizing the progress we make on a daily basis.

Frequently, we only focus our attention on the ulterior goal we want to achieve. But we are unable to see the distance we have already traveled since the beginning of our venture.

Usually, the problem is that we do not comprehend what kind of skills and strategies we have used, nor how many others we have developed along the way, nor how many difficulties and obstacles we have already successfully encountered before reaching the current sub-goal. Nor do we realize or appreciate the many new experiences we have already accumulated while on this path towards our goal.

Therefore, we focus only on the shortage and not on the fill, that is, we focus on what he have not accomplished rather than on what we have already accomplished.

Because of this attitude, we become impatient and consequently we undermine our faith in the goal we have set.

Our impatience gradually turns into a permanent complaint and a source of negative thoughts nourishing our mind. In turn, these thoughts cause a flood of negative emotions in us, such as fear, stress, anxiety, discomfort, anger, frustration, disappointment, rage and so on.

If we experience these negative emotions, we move away from our goal-setting. We forget how much progress we have made. Our negative emotions are discouraging and may cause us to stop pursuing our goal altogether.


This is the phenomenon that I call the “Illusion of No Progress” and it can happen to all of us. It succeeds in moving us away from our Creative Goals, but also in preventing us from enjoying our lives and being content with and rejoicing in our achievements.

When we are conscious of every step forward, even the small daily steps forward, we can get rid of this illusion.

We need then to recognize at every moment the course of our evolution and say Well done” to ourselves for every achievement, however small it may seem.

In addition, we need to feel grateful for every step we take. The power of gratitude is enormous and transformative.


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Last modified: September 1, 2019

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