Seven Benefits of Practicing Gratitude


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I will keep saying it and confirming it: Gratitude exercises do pay off and improve our lives!

I confirmed this truth again recently while I was preparing my new e- book (in Greek): The Power of Gratitude.

You see, while I was writing and editing this book, I was applying even more gratitude tips than usual to my own life. Tips included in the book. So I have had the opportunity to get a big dose of the benefits.

Because I feel strongly that Gratitude changes our lives only for the better, I feel it’s paramount to highlight these benefits over and over again.

During the time I was writing the book, I noticed that the following positive elements appeared in my behavior:

  1. Better mood: Gratitude is a catalytic feeling that neutralizes negative emotions and enhances the appearance and preservation of positive emotions. Thus, after intensive practice of gratitude, I have noticed that the presence of positive emotions is now more frequent in my life than negative emotions. Even in situations that would otherwise cause me stress, such as being stuck in a traffic jam when I need to get to a meeting on time, I notice that I feel more optimistic and serene.
  1. Increased creativity: Gratitude has helped me increase my creativity. Constantly new ideas come and I feel the desire to make them happen. At the same time, the optimism mentioned above helps to lay the foundations to achieve these ideas directly. Their realization fills me with more joy and satisfaction.
  1. Calmness: A greater sense of calm, which translates into smoother and steadier physical movement and to calmer, deeper and all around better quality sleep. This calm gifts me with a better understanding of the people around me, beautifies my days and greatly increases my mental and physical health.
  1. Greater self-confidence: Thanks to gratitude exercises, I also notice that I feel a greater certainty and security in my strengths and abilities. The thought that “I can do it” is much stronger than “I can’t do it”.

  1. Lack of procrastination: Probably this benefit arises from increasing self-confidence. Although my levels of procrastination have fallen sharply in recent years due to my personal development, mindfulness, and meditative practices, with gratitude exercises I noticed that I’m completing more successful action steps in a quicker time period in order to successfully achieve my goals.
  1. Being a more giving person: As I was intensively applying the gratitude exercises from my new book to my own life, I noticed that my willingness to be a giving person increased. Since then I feel more willing to offer, for example, my help to someone who needs it or to offer goods to someone in need; this behavior arises spontaneously, and it is accompanied by a pleasant feeling.

Many consider a giving personality to be a form of weakness. They believe if one continues to give either assistance or materials, they will lose out somehow. The truth in fact is exactly the opposite. But we will talk more about this another time.

  1. Increasing sociability: It has been mentioned so many times that it could pass as a stereotype – that Gratitude makes you more open towards other people. But this is exactly what I’m observing in my own behavior lately! Having a genuine introvert personality, I often avoid social contact, not from a lack of sympathy for others, but simply because of my personality!

The truth is that introverts feel much faster and more often, thus their batteries “empty” of energy quicker than extroverts when they are in a socially rich environment.

However, I notice that gratitude exercises have enhanced my willingness to become even more engaged in social activities. I have been having more quality conversations and communication with friends, with people I appreciate, even with people I have met for the first time. The most important thing is that I feel like my battery is staying powered for much longer! This is also a gratitude effect.

The conclusion: It does not take much time to do gratitude exercises. You can do them as you get ready to go to work, when you walk from one place to the next, during a shopping trip, while driving, or even when you are hanging out with friends and your family. They are instant thoughts that can accompany your every move and action.

You produce numerous thoughts every day. Many of these unfortunately are negative or anxious. And they lead to corresponding negative results.

So why not change them by practising gratitude?

Soon my new e-book, “The Power of Gratitude” will be published in English.   I will be delighted to share the valuable tips and gratitude techniques the book offers so that you too can receive the beneficial gifts that gratitude abundantly offers to you and the goals that you are setting!

Last modified: April 8, 2021

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