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My guess is that you have already noticed that if a lot of things are in disorder in your daily life, then your creativity seems to pause or perhaps even go into hibernation.

There is a big urban legend out there: some people can be creatively productive when there is chaos all around them.

Well, from my experience as a coach who has worked with many people (including myself!) suffering from the effects of clutter, I can tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The clutter all around us acts as a subconscious distractor and corrodes our mental concentration and cognitive functions necessary for creative goal-reaching.

In order to prevent clutter from getting in the way of your creativity you need to adopt a declutter-attitude in your daily life.

How do you do that? Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  1. Keep general order and cleanliness in your house and other personal spaces (a studio, a lab, an office, a boat, etc.). No need to exaggerate though. You clean only to keep you space organized and comfortable for you. Not to show off your “cleanliness” to others!
  2. Make it a habit to put things back where they belong after you use them. Keeping stacks of books, notes, constructive materials, dirty laundry or cast off shoes around the space you create is a counterproductive source of distraction.
  3. Make your bed first thing after you get up. It doesn’t need to be a 5 star hotel effort, just a clean and neat appearance, which will give you comfort and a feeling of serenity when you return to your bedroom after a long and creative work day.
  4. Wash the dishes and keep the kitchen bassinet empty and available for the preparation of your next meal-snack-coffee.
  5. Create a “maybe” box and gather up all the items in your home and personal work spaces that you might consider getting rid of. Write down all the contents of the box and the date each item is added. If you haven’t used an item after a year has passed, you can give the item away or throw it away knowing you don’t need it.
  6. Clean your closet every 6 months and get rid of unused items. You may be surprised when you see how many clothes you have bought over the course of half a year. Many items you probably wore once or twice and never wore again.
  7. Take care of the “dark” corners of your home. These are the places that you usually store many different things that you neglect to put away properly. Thus, you end up having many places throughout your house such as chairs, the sofa, a side table, extra space in the library etc., riddled with clutter. All this clutter creates spots around your space that even subconsciously cause you to feel the uneasiness of disorder.

These may seem like very simplistic methods, nevertheless they have been proven very effective to those who try them. One fundamental contribution that they offer is the reduction of stress which can implant itself in your daily routine if clutter and disorganization abound in your life.

A stressful daily routine absorbs your precious creative time. The declutter-attitude helps you save your valuable energy for much better activities than dealing with the mess and the clutter. You will have enough energy to fuel your creative goals.

The declutter-attitude will work miracles for you. Give it a try and observe your creative performance afterwards. The results will definitely impress you!

PS. Your feedback is very important! Once you’ve tried this new behaviour, I invite you to leave your feedback in the comments below this article.

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Last modified: April 8, 2021

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