What Do You Know About The Creative Value of Proper Rest?


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If you have any doubts, it is easy to discover how important sleep is for your creativity. Simply remain sleepless for two days or get less sleep than usual for about a week and watch what happens. You stagger. You drag yourself to perform even the simplest chores and actions. Your concentration is totally dispersed; your mind cannot provide you with efficient solutions even for the simplest of tasks. Your communication with others is disrupted and can easily end up in misunderstandings. As for your emotional state, you get easily angry, overwhelmed and can have frequent outbursts. 

Soon after such a simple experiment, you are able to observe that when you are sleep-deprived, your creativity is inaccessible. No new ideas, no flexibility of mind, no future plans can flourish in your mind. 

But what exactly does good sleep (approximately eight hours, for some of us a bit less, for others a bit more!) offer to our creative lifestyle?

  1. Body rest and rejuvenation. Human physiology is amazing! While we sleep, a very sophisticated mechanism of cellular rejuvenation and regeneration is set to work, letting our whole body rest and mend any possible health issues it faces. It is no secret that good sleep can protect us from many physical ailments. It is also a natural beauty treatment! Good sleep makes you have a bright face and a dynamic posture!
  2. Brain rest. Sleep helps regenerate brain cells and neural synapses. Have you ever heard the phrase “I will sleep on it?” It’s true – good sleep boosts our problem-solving skills. 
  3. Enhancing imagery and imagination. This is one of many brain regeneration effects we can benefit from when it comes to our mental activity. Imagery and imagination are your “sine qua non” in order to conceive new ideas and put them into action. 
  4. Have more creative energy. During sleeping hours our creative battery naturally replenishes. Once awake we have the drive and good mood to keep up with our creative ventures. 
  5. Avoid mistakes due to fatigue. Fatigue is prone to lead us to mistakes, because the central nervous system doesn’t respond as well as it should if we don’t get enough rest.
  6. Avoid creative boredom. If we respect a healthy sleep-plan, we protect ourselves from creative boredom which can waist our creative time.
  7. Protect us from a flood of negative emotions. Fatigue is a basic culprit of festering negative emotion. When we are tired, our central nervous system is more vulnerable to the firing of negative emotions such as anger, rage, stress and anxiety that can result in emotional outbursts. Regular, quality sleep protects us from such outbursts. 

It’s important to recognize and respect the fact that you can only successfully pursue your creative goals and succeed if you sleep well and keep a healthy lifestyle! 

So stop underestimating the value of sleep and keep a wholesome sleep-behavior. 

You will be amazed by the immediate positive effects it will so generously offer you!

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Last modified: April 8, 2021

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