Why Jealousy Is a Valuable Emotion for Your Creativity and Progress 


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Jealousy is a very misunderstood emotion that is misjudged and deeply criticized by the majority of society. Let’s talk about what jealousy is and how it can impact our lives for the better.

To begin with, jealousy actually means to observe something outside the observer’s life action and wish to have a similar action inside her own life.

Jealousy (ζήλος [zélos] in Ancient Greek means: the drive to realize something I wish to.

Jealousy is the energy behind human civilisation. It actually signifies that we encounter and observe something that we would like to have in our own lives. Soon after this experience, we do all the necessary creative actions to obtain a similar reality in our own lives.

Thus, we observe and then we imitate. Psychology describes this as the fundamental procedure by which human learning occurs.

In other words, the good form of jealousy is connected with the human need to learn new things and progress.

Unfortunately, the most popular idea of jealousy nowadays is the one that emphasises  a very negative aspect of the word – an adverse way of thinking about others when they have something we want. This interpretation has led to the culpabilisation, or feelings of guilt, associated with this emotion.

But let’s cancel a very misleading myth: “Jealousy is an emotion that only ill-willed people feel”. Well, the actual truth is that everyone feels jealous!  It is very natural behaviour, especially when we look at jealousy from a physiological standpoint. Yet most of us vainly attempt to suppress it, ignore it, or pretend that we don’t experience it at all.

What a pity! Jealousy is so indispensable for our lives! It is the key to improving our quality of life.

Here are three major benefits jealousy creates for human progress:

1. To discern or make me aware of a better situation than the one I am currently in.

2. To provide all the necessary motivation in order to claim this better situation for my own life.

3. To offer continuous feedback of my current situation in relation to others around me. “Do I like my current life? Do I want something more?”. Jealousy is the emotion that studies our present situation and compares it to others to indicate to us the direction we might want to go.

By suppressing its action we offer no benefit to ourselves. On the contrary, when we try to avoid jealousy we tend to give away a significant part of our creative energy and stay behind in our personal development.

Jealousy has far too many negative connotations attached to it. We need to accept its expression in our lives, not as a negative, but as a positive force that is fundamental to our creativity, and in turn, our ability to grow and realise greater potential.

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Last modified: November 23, 2018

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