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I give a lot (and I mean a LOT) of emphasis to creativity, because I strongly believe it is a very essential and an almost therapeutical or positive element of human nature and human evolution.

For this post, I would like to share my own experience with this life-enriching act, and perhaps in the process encourage and inspire you to adapt more creativity in your life (as you’ll see, the benefits are well worth it!).

Creativity is not about theory, but about practice, about putting the wonderful ideas flourishing in our minds into action. The outcome is not important, and by that I mean “get into the action without being afraid of the outcome”. Usually, when we are afraid, we hesitate. We become concerned with our creations before they even have a chance to begin. This is called procrastination, and it is caused mainly by our fear of dealing with an eventual failure (but that’s another story, for another article).

Over the years, I have come to a realisation that the best way to fuel and strengthen my creativity is to entertain as many of my creative interests as possible in a regular way. Some of them may take place on a daily basis, or a weekly one, or even a monthly one. As long as I consciously keep up with them without big absences, no matter how lengthy each creative period is, I keep alive and enjoy many different creative endeavours. It really feels great to experience the achievement effect of all these experiences, some of which include:

  1. Jewelry-making: a very old and loved habit. I like to fabricate all different kinds of jewelry with fresh-water pearls or ceramic beads, and lately I have been fascinated with a new technique that uses felt as a primary material. Many of my creations have become gifts for friends who greatly appreciate the handmade gesture.
  2. Renewing old pieces of furniture by remodelling and repainting them, in order to give them a better and more fitting, present day look. I also like repairing stuff at home, and I am prepared with my own tool set, which I am very proud of.
  3. Poetry – this is more serious than the rest of the things on this list. It is more of an intellectual need. I feel  blissful when I dedicate days and hours to my own special ritual of poetry reading and poetry writing. It also has brought a lot of happiness to see my first poetic collection published.  

    The cover of my first poetry collection: “And Gods, have they grown older?”

  4. Radio show. Being a radio producer has been a dream for quite some time. Recently I was given the opportunity to present my own radio show, it’s called P’tit Vin Rouge (or Little Red Wine in French) on a new internet station www.grass.social. The experience so far has been breathtaking. All this excitement preparing each episode, contemplating content and a playlist, interacting with the community and receiving people’s feedback creates a wonderful feeling of connection and contribution. And it certainly boosts my creativity!
  5. Writing on this blog. Another exciting and vivifying experience is all that has to do with this blog, or as I call it, “The Holy Trinity of Happiness: Creativity, Emotions, Mindfulness”. Each article is a creative experience per se, and every time I watch a post  upload I feel happy, like I have accomplished something very productive. Even my other writing contributions to other magazines, such as kissmygrass.gr, an internet magazine in Greek, make me feel that every article is a landmark of creative doing.
  6. Writing in general. So far I have published one of my manuscripts in Greek. Not because my ambitions were to become a “great writer”. Merely, because from a very early age a very strong part of my creativity has always been channelled through writing. I find it very sincere and whole-hearted to see some of these written creatures being communicated to others in a way that produces a kind of dialogue and interaction with them. The whole procedure of writing, editing, searching for a publisher, deciding about the details of the printed books were all fascinating experiences, and as soon as I finish one project I am ready and willing to repeat the process!

    My first published allegory on goal-setting :”The Manual of DreamMaking”

  7. Furthermore, I let my creativity be expressed with anything that challenges my creative eye. It can be a new cooking recipe, a new decorating method, a new mountain trekking experience, a handmade face cream, a new gardening method, painting a picture, even though the results are not the most artistic ones. But that’s not the important aspect of creating. Some of my creativity products can be masterpieces, some nothing important at all. The point, as I have mentioned before, is simply to just “let the creativity flow”.

My felt-made jewelry, the new creation hobbies for me!

You see, creativity is an innate human energy, vital for the life of each human entity. It is essential to keep it flowing, because it is the key to a healthy and balanced human psyche and physiology.

So, I have noticed that when I do any of the aforementioned activities I instantly:

  1. feel a great sense of accomplishment and fulfilment; this feeling, apart from being marvelous, offers significant motivation for further creative action;
  2. unblock my goal-setting and goal-getting way of thinking; I find myself able to conceive and accomplish my goals in a more efficient way, while enjoying the procedure and putting away any mental obstacles;
  3. am provided with even more creative ideas, like a fountain of abundance; sometimes we are afraid that the moment we realise an idea, our mind will produce nothing more. Nonetheless, the more I give substance to my ideas, the more of them emerge in my mind. It is like a cataclysm of new mental images that dash and seek to be materialised;
  4. relax and it tunes me into the “here and now”; the moment I start creating, time stops existing, as if I enter into an enlarged time frame, and nothing else seems to concern or occupy my mind. All my attention and intention is focused on my creative interest, making me feel more conscious and relaxed.
  5. produce positive emotions and feel negative emotions affect me less; creativity makes me feel whole, happy, able, dynamic, worthy and at the same time less prone to anger, frustration, fear or jealousy.
  6. build bridges of healthy communication with other creative people; whenever I am with friends or other creative people, I tend to focus only on situations and ideas that enhance my creativity; or I discuss with them mutually creative and interesting endeavours. Most remarkably, creativity produces a great disinterest of criticism and gossip. Only positive discussions about HOW our ideas are carried out are the focus;
  7. see things around me with a creative eye; it forges my perceptive interpretation and thought processing in such a way that, when I observe the environment around me, things are beautiful and the world that surrounds us is a magnificent place full of wonders, attracting my attention and focusing my thoughts on creativity.

For me, these are very strong and appealing reasons that encourage me to keep up with my creative activities. How about you? What are your favourite creative activities? Are you satisfied with the time you spend on them? Do you wish you could take more time for these activities or even add new ones into your life? You are invited to share your experiences and views in the comments below.

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My therapeutic approach is based upon the application of scientific and psychotherapeutic proven techniques for a comprehensive and successful approach to dealing with the aforementioned issues. 

I am a certified Cognitive Psychologist and a Member of the official Association of Greek Psychologists (SEPS). I am also a Certified Member of the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA), and hold a European Certification of Psychological Practice (EuroPsy) in more than 19 countries of the European continent. I am also a member of the International Society of Emotional Intelligence and Member of the International Network of Teachers of CEB (Cultivating Emotional Balance).

I provide Individual Consulting and Therapy for Personal Development and Self Awareness, EQ education (including for the professional field), Life Coaching for successful living and career, Meditative Techniques for Mindfulness, Concentration, Relaxation and Equanimity, as well as group seminars on the topics of Personal Development, CEB, Life Coaching for Successful Living and Goal Setting. 

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