Presentation of the Programme “Mindfulness for Greek Pupils” in the Autumn ’17 Athens IP Exhibition, Athens Greece


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On Saturday the 02/09/2017 I have been invited to present the more recent results on my Project “Mindfulness for Pupils of Greek Primary Schools” in the Autumn ’17 Athens IP Exhibition organised by DCS & Co. in Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens Greece.

The title of my presentation was “How 15 minutes of Mindfulness increase the learning performance and social behaviour of primary school pupils. Insights from the 1st Pilot Project in a Public Primary School in Greece.”

A short description of our programme is hereby: “Meditation  and mindfulness techniques have been proved to decisively contribute to both physical, and mental health. Normally low blood pressure, good functioning of the cardiovascular system, better physical condition, good breathing, improvement of asthma cases, good gastrointestinal function, reinforcement of the immune system, headache suppression, reduction of physical pain, are some of the many benefits of mindfulness. In addition, mental attention and concentration, the clarity of thought leading to a good problem-solving are increasing. It also helps to enhance memory, emotional, communicative and perceptive abilities. We are hereby presenting insights from our pilot program of teaching mindfulness techniques to 9y.o. and 12y.o. pupils in the 4th Primary School of Salamina island since October 2015. The project comprised of fifteen minutes of daily meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis. The results have shown that all students had a significant improvement in their behaviour, their academic performance, even those diagnosed with learning difficulties and ADD. Ever since the beginning of the project, all students willingly have applied the procedure every day, because they claim that they feel more relaxed and creative, and stronger to cope with their negative emotions. Aggressive episodes have been minimized and all students exhibit more diligence, solidarity and a sense of collaboration with each other and with their teacher.”

I was very pleasantly surprised by the wide interest and great demand of attendees for this Presentation. The majority of the attendees were teachers and professors of foreign languages in Greek public and private schools, and they demonstrated a great interest in the method we have applied during our Programme.

I would like to thank the Organisers of this Event, especially Mr. Philip Dietschi, Chairman of DCS, for the excellent organisation and for giving me the opportunity to present our Programme to this important Exhibition.

Letter of evaluation of a 9y.o. girl after applying our Programme of Mindfulness during the 3rd Grade school year. In the letter she pictures herself during Mindfulness session and then after the session, having a great schooling performance because of the previous session.

In a few days a new school year begins, and the Programme’s teacher Lia Pappa and I are ready to continue our work with last year’s pupils who are now in the 4th Grade. We are ready to monitor their performance and their progress in their academic, social and creative behaviour, while they are daily exercising to Mindfulness practice and personal development techniques according to our protocol.

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