Seven Highly Effective Ways to Use the Twin Powers of Patience and Persistence to Achieve Your Creative Goals


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In order to create what you wish to create, in order to realise your goals (and by default, I have this bad habit of referring specifically to creative goals a lot, as you will see) you need to have imagination, vision, ideas, energy and the right mood to start being creative. But even if you have these qualities, there are two more indispensable abilities to extensively develop your creativity to ensure the realisation of your goals – patience and persistence.

I actually believe these two traits are the fundamental pillars of whatever you decide to accomplish in your life (from studies, to relationships, to travelling, to cooking, to exercising, etc.) though many people tend to underestimate them.

I’ve named them the “Twin Powers” because they cannot give their optimum results unless they synergistically work together in a very specific way.

I would like to share with you the seven most effective ways to use patience and persistence to achieve your creative goals.

  1. If you are patient without being persistent, patience is transformed into compliance and passiveness. You have a healthy expression of patience when you are mindful that you need to be patient. It means you are aware that your goal requires patience and in turn you will invest time in the goal until the outcome of your creative energy bares fruits. You will spend time and more time, and even more time on your goal until you see it becoming a reality. Instead of being concerned about the passage of time, you will nourish the idea that you can have as much time as you wish in order to complete your creation. Patience means, after all, that you welcome and accept that exact fact.
  2. On the other hand, if you are persistent without being patient, persistence becomes impulsiveness, which makes you prone to many mistakes or resign from the goal. Persistence means that when you start creating, you are determined to overcome any unexpected difficulty or obstacle in the way, without ever thinking that you might quit. You decide to move on with your creativity, being conscious of the fact that you will work systematically and in an organised way, until you see your goal come to fruition.
  3. In order for patience and persistence to produce their optimum results, an absolute balance and harmonious coordination between them is necessary. As you can see, patience and persistence have many characteristics in common. That’s why it is important we understand how to correctly use them. Otherwise, we risk enhancing one trait over the other. Letting patience become compliance or persistence become impulsiveness will be counterproductive to our creative procedure.If you start creating something, your first step will be towards patience (“I know it will take time for my creation to be accomplished, but I have all the time in the world”) and the second step will be towards persistence (“I will keep working on this project no matter what obstacles may arise, or no matter how difficult some parts of the process may seem. None of this will discourage me, frustrate me or frighten me. Obstacles are there just to make me better focus on developing more successful strategies to get my creation done”). These steps need to constantly alternate. Never stay too long on the patience plane without showing persistence, and never be persistent without expressing your patience. Otherwise, you risk disrupting their sensitive balance.
  4. Focus on the NOW. Being mindful about the present moment is a great way to enhance your patience and persistence. Being present in the now is the only way to ensure strength to increase your patience and persistence. It allows you to unify all the units of your attention to the one thing you are working on right now. Once you are tuned to this “now-creation” channel, you are not concerned with the future questions “will I make it?”, “will it be easy or difficult”, etc.These questions are the big test for strengthening your patience and persistence. If you start conceding fragments of your attention (which is unified for the creation of your project) to them, they weaken the effect of the Twin Powers. If you are focused on the Now, you deactivate this negative effect and the roadblocks it can create. Essentially, flexing your Now muscles helps you successfully stay on your creative path.
  5. In the meantime, enjoy your life and the small or big things that make up your daily existence. Don’t forget to live, as long as it doesn’t restrain your creative activities. Many people misunderstand what it means to  commit to a goal. They cut out parts of their life that make them happy in an attempt to gain more focus or time. This is not only unnecessary but also counterproductive for the creative procedure. A creative person is a happy person. She seeks all the different activities that make her life better and inspire positive emotions. She makes sure to have enough leisure time every week.Share a quality activity with your friends and family; do some exercise, read a nice book, take care of your body, take a nap, take a walk in nature, go to the movies, the theatre, a concert or a nice art exhibition. Find an activity that clears your mind from the daily routine.Studies have shown that alternating cognitive or physical tasks helps the brain get more inspired and creative ideas. If you provide yourself with regular happy moments in your daily life, what you are really doing is “feeding” your mind with new ideas for your creative plans. At the same time, you live your life without restricting yourself only to the creation of your project.You see, your life is the only valuable asset you really have. Don’t waste it even to do something creative. Creativity has value only in a life fully lived.
  6. Clean up your negative emotions. In order to let the Twin Powers do their best, you need to raise your Emotional Intelligence and know how to successfully manage your negative emotions. Patience and persistence need clear emotional background and mindfulness in order to function well. If negative emotions keep coming up and you seem unable to deal with them, or you rationalise them, then the Twin Powers cannot take root and succeed in their roles.Suppressed or mismanaged anger is a significant obstacle for patience. An angry person cannot activate the patience demanded for the performance of a creative task.  Anger creates irritation and diminishes concentration. Whereas, fear is a factor that reduces the ability of a person being persistent in the pursuit of her creation, no matter what obstacles may appear. So, if you care about strengthening your Twin Powers of creation, you should first learn how to recognise, understand and assess your negative emotions, deal with the message they give you and resolve it. Only then will you be able to dismiss them and make space for positive emotions to develop. Persistence and patience flourish only in positive emotional spaces where they can boost your creativity.
  7. Envision your goal often. Always keep the visualisation (mental imagery) of your creative goal alive. This feeds your patience and persistence to keep moving ahead. If you constantly “see” the outcome you wish to reach, you will realise that it is easier for you to become patient and persistent during your creative journey. The envisioned goal provides continued motivation that fuels your Twin Powers.There are many ways you can reinforce this vision. You can either use a daily meditation, not more than five-ten minutes long. During this time you can relax, practice deep breathing and visualise the finalisation of your goal, or even the process, especially for the more difficult steps. Imagine that the process smoothly moves ahead and the solution to a problem is found and applied. This method has been proven as a very useful tool, and many creative people regularly use it.Another strategy is the creation of the Vision Board. Put images (from magazines, the web, or your own archives) on a panel that remind you of your goal and the result you desire to reach. Keep it in a place where you will see it daily and as often as possible.

Do you want to find out if and how these seven secrets work in your own life? Try a simple experiment: think about a small goal you wish to accomplish and start applying the properties of the Twin Powers as mentioned above. Then check the progress of your creative path.

I would be more than happy if you could let me know how it all worked out! The more examples we have of the Twin Powers in action, the more we can help others get inspired too!

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Last modified: April 7, 2021

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